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Family history, cont'd
My on-again off-again genealogy project has been goosed into life by some surprise contacts that came to me through Ancestry.com--distant cousins via my great-grandmother Sara Josephine. I'm slowly beginning to scan some of the family photos, at least the ones where I know everyone's name.

Here are Sara Josephine and her husband Charles--Jose and Charley--with their five children, circa 1903. The only son, at the far right, is my paternal grandfather George; the baby on her father's lap is my beloved firecracker of a great-aunt Grace, from whom I supposedly inherited the needlecrafts gene.

And here are my dear, dear mom and dad on their wedding day, December 1, 1951. Notice Dad's clenched fists? He had a migraine that day, and was almost paralyzed with nerves to boot. Guess how many times I heard THAT story while I was growing up?

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Wonderful photos!! :D

And, coincidentally, I just got my hands on something I'd been wanting to give to Kira for a long time -- a copy of the typewritten history of the Wilson family (my great-grandmother was born a Wilson), as dictated by my grandmother's cousin, Rubie (known to everyone as Sissy -- her sister was called Babe), typed by her daughter, Etta.

Kira never got to meet anyone on that side of the family (my maternal grandparents passed away in my teens), so I was DELIGHTED when my aunt was willing to make a photocopy for Kira to read :D

I'm always so glad when people take the time to preserve these memories!!


-- A <3

What a fantastic thing for Kira to have! And I do love family nicknames--Sissy and Babe, how awesome are those?

I'm so grateful that I came along late and solo, so I grew up happy to be around all the "old folks" in the family instead of rushing to go outside and play with the rest of the kids. The stories I absorbed without even realizing it . . .

GREAT pictures!!!!

And what a story about your poor father!

Poor Dad and his nerves and his sick headaches--they were a regular feature of my growing-up life, and damn if I didn't develop the same pattern. But on the wedding morning, he earned that migraine; his mother and sister had made an ugly scene just before the ceremony. There he was, trapped between his loyalty to his family--next to God for him--and his loyalty to his bride . . . and he was never a man to handle conflict well. What a way to start a nearly-fifty-year marriage!

I love the photos and their little details! Neat that you got some connections at Ancestry. My family has zero. This suggests to me that we are outlaws in hiding.

I've got quite a few outlaws in hiding, too! People can be so elusive in the documents . . . it's taken me three years and a ton of dumb luck just to confirm Mom's grandmother's maiden name. It was a gut-punch when I learned that the 1890 Federal census records were destroyed in a fire--I have a bunch of dead ends right around 1890 that I will probably never tie up for sure, at least not without traveling to look at county archives all over Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

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