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Family history, cont'd

My on-again off-again genealogy project has been goosed into life by some surprise contacts that came to me through cousins via my great-grandmother Sara Josephine. I'm slowly beginning to scan some of the family photos, at least the ones where I know everyone's name.

Here are Sara Josephine and her husband Charles--Jose and Charley--with their five children, circa 1903. The only son, at the far right, is my paternal grandfather George; the baby on her father's lap is my beloved firecracker of a great-aunt Grace, from whom I supposedly inherited the needlecrafts gene.

And here are my dear, dear mom and dad on their wedding day, December 1, 1951. Notice Dad's clenched fists? He had a migraine that day, and was almost paralyzed with nerves to boot. Guess how many times I heard THAT story while I was growing up?

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