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More pictures of yarn than any rational person would want to see.

My haul from the trip! Now if I only had time to knit the BJD sweaters I was imagining when I bought all this lovely stuff . . .

I adore yarn that hasn't been processed to death, and these two cakes smell as good as they feel. Black/brown and brown/bluish-gray undyed alpaca tweeds, for heavy masculine turtlenecks:

Mohairs and mohair blends, for colorblocked tunics and cardigans:

Classic wool in autumnal colors. Think stripes!

Two beautiful tweeds, brownish-charcoal and brick/black. I think there's a turtleneck apiece in these:

The three balls of yarn in the lower right corner of the big picture are self-patterning sock yarns, for hats, scarves, and biscuitbear's cute cardigan.

Of course, before I dive into this pile of new yarn and start wallowing, I *should* finish the sweaters I have on the needles right now (and in some cases, have had on the needles for months . . .)
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