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Arrivals (yes, it took me long enough!)
I don't know that either these names or these looks are permanent, but let's give them a whirl, hm?

Giuliano is capable of being both demure and, well, not.

Mayuki is so much prettier than I've been able to capture on such a dull, rainy day--this is a doll that positively glows in person.

And the sweater dress that I finished a couple of days ago for the shop (http://squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com) turns out to be a perfect fit for the SD16 girl body. Neechan is in Big Hair Mode just now, for which I have no excuse.

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Nice!! Great tattoo on the new guy, Heath. Love, love, love Mayuki. She is fabulous. Can't wait to see her in person. Need to learn more about this one. Neechan can do any kind of hair she wants to. Love the colors in this halter dress. did you have to make many changes for the SD16 fit? Queen Lora will need to know that.

Re: Mayuki is stunning

Nope, same pattern and even the same needle sizes--but that's KnitPicks Felici Sport yarn, so it's just a tad thicker and creates a slightly bigger dress overall. I added a few rows in the skirt before the hip shaping, to allow for the longer legs, too.

I am just crazy about Mayuki! Her head is actually a Volks Shiro Tachibana (boy)--but I always did think Shiro looked like a girl, heh.

While I would never say this out loud to Neechan, I do think that wig is just a tiny bit over the top, even for her. When I took it out of the package, I'll admit that for a second I thought I was handling a small animal . . .

WOW Shiro girl ...kool
nice tats on him!!!


Aw, thanks!! I'm so excited about both of them--this has been quite a week in the resin department.

WOW! I thought you had actually gotten a Jun for a minute there! Not surprising since Shiro and Jun are siblings of course. She's a cutie -- I like her soft little pout. <3

Buongiorno, Giuliano! Nice pants! :D

And yay for new knits!

I knowwwwwwwww, right? Volks really did sculpt Jun to look THISCLOSE to Shiro--I never quite realized how close until Mayuki landed here, though. If anything, Shiro is softer and poutier than his sister . . . makes an awfully pretty girl, heh.

Those Flapper (unless they're Workshop, but I think they're Flapper) pants have been waiting since about 2009 for the right guy to come along. I think they've found him.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yeah! That Renaissance-prince quality is what drew me to this particular Heath--and it's even stronger in person. That's why he wound up being named Giuliano (unspoken: de Medici) instead of Tamba Koen, as I had planned. According to Volks' backstory, Heath is a bored young English gentleman, but I don't see boredom--I see Plotting and Scheming.

While I don't really take my own backstories seriously, in my mind Giuliano is one of those late-Renaissance travelers who went adventuring to escape family responsibilities and expectations; he got into hot water in Japan, barely escaped, and is now prowling around Milan or Florence, looking for trouble closer to home.

And this dress pattern is knitted back and forth, not much more complicated than a scarf--it would make a great first shaped project, once you know how to do basic increases and decreases. It's in the old DoA pattern archives, which still exist but aren't readily accessible; sillydogs and I are working on saving them and adding them to the DoA wiki, since they aren't going to be stored much longer. In the meantime, though, here's a direct link to the dress pattern: http://www.denofangels.com/Old/patterns/knitting/knittingsd%20size/hdress.txt

Edited at 2012-03-24 02:22 pm (UTC)

I just have to finish up two of the biggest sewing files, James and part of Genie's and I'll have them all in my computer waiting for further instructions. I just use my Microsoft Office 2007 to copy and past into. Should have it all transferred by the end of this weekend. Not tonight though< Bo and Lucy are spending the night. At almost 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, nothing else will be happening. I'm already wondering when they will be picked up tomorrow. LOL

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