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Goofing off a bit at the office. New arrival! New sweater! It's spring!!

. . . and all that jazz.

In the big TA-DAH!!! news, I liberated this awesomely gorgeous old-school guy from eBay. I think his name is Dare, though occasionally I look at him and say Elie instead. Hmmm.

If some of you are thinking he looks familiar (like, wasn't there only one tan Chowon, anyway?): why yes, he was indeed once the CH Unique Pharaoh or Paraho_Manere. His faceup has been redone by HeavyBomb, and he's become separated from his default stuff, but hey, he's a little too chill for a linen skirt anyway. First doll I've ever found who actually looks right in this particular Volks wig--I think it's awesome on him. Not quite as sure about the ED #32 eyes, but they're the best of what I have right now. I fail at visualizing eyes ahead of time; my color sense just doesn't work that way.

However, if I do say so myself, my color sense is pretty much on target when it comes to yarn. Like this beauteous Targhee wool, handspun by one of my fave Etsy sellers. Little antique buttons, probably vegetable ivory and vegetable dyed. Nummers., don'tcha know . . .
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