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Goofing off a bit at the office. New arrival! New sweater! It's spring!!
. . . and all that jazz.

In the big TA-DAH!!! news, I liberated this awesomely gorgeous old-school guy from eBay. I think his name is Dare, though occasionally I look at him and say Elie instead. Hmmm.

If some of you are thinking he looks familiar (like, wasn't there only one tan Chowon, anyway?): why yes, he was indeed once the CH Unique Pharaoh or Paraho_Manere. His faceup has been redone by HeavyBomb, and he's become separated from his default stuff, but hey, he's a little too chill for a linen skirt anyway. First doll I've ever found who actually looks right in this particular Volks wig--I think it's awesome on him. Not quite as sure about the ED #32 eyes, but they're the best of what I have right now. I fail at visualizing eyes ahead of time; my color sense just doesn't work that way.

However, if I do say so myself, my color sense is pretty much on target when it comes to yarn. Like this beauteous Targhee wool, handspun by one of my fave Etsy sellers. Little antique buttons, probably vegetable ivory and vegetable dyed. Nummers.

http://squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com, don'tcha know . . .

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Wow - Am loving Dare (which could be a nickname like Marshmellow head - Marshall James) And that sweater is scrumptious. Love, Love those colors and great buttons. You do have a knack for pairing up buttons and yarn. Fabulous!

Re: Fab!! as always.

Wait till you see him in person! He is completely amazing--I'm so glad I didn't talk myself out of bidding on the auction, because heck, does ESU really need ALL my money for scholarships when I die? *snerk*

I'm addicted to all these beautiful handspun yarns I'm finding on Etsy! I'd better knit like a crazy thing this summer to reduce the stash--it's taking over the house . . .

And treats fot Toshi too.

As soon as (Fairyland) Queen Lora arrives, we must have a meet and greet. I keep expecting to see an email from DDE any day now. Plus I do have treats for Mr. Toshi too.

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It's sad that he lost his Pharaonic makeup, just in the sense of dolly history, but his HeavyBomb face-up is *exquisite* . . . and he looks great!! I like him as a Dare ^___^

And, as always, your sweater (and your lovely Emma) is a delight!

-- A <3

Hah! Well, I decided I was willing to overpay for him (by current CH market-value standards), and since I'm the only wacko who happened to have that kind of money to throw at him just now, I'm the only one who bid. I feel like . . . now we know where he is, and somehow the old CH circle is more complete. Not that I didn't know where he was before, but you know. Now he's HERE. ;-)

I really wish I could have seen what the original faceup was looking like before the update. Riversoblood says the gold was all oxidized, so she had to ask HB to redo his face. I may harbor a private doubt or two on that point, but the new faceup is all shimmery and regal in its own way--so apart from the sense of lost history, I don't have much to gripe about.

Ahhhh, Riversoblood. I remember that one.

At least he went to HeavyBomb, so that he stayed appropriately oldskool :)

I just love him -- I'm so happy for you!!




and Yay for getting Heavy Bomb to make him all pretty and fresh. She is grand =)

I love that sweater btw. Except I'm in an airport and not able to buy *cries* If no one buys it by the time you check your messages would you be able to hold it for me? I'll be home this evening.

PHAROH! OMG! Lucky you! I always envied that Mia had the Queen but I don't know if she still does. Seriously, those two dolls were so amazing. And still are. I can't believe they didn't keep his stuff with him. As you can tell, I love him to pieces. It's totally amazing that you have him now. I'm so glad!

Oh, dang--that sweater sold while I was stuck at work and couldn't spend time online! I have more of that yarn, though, so I'll make something else pretty out of it over the summer and send you a first-dibs preview, okay?

And IT'S THE PHARAOH, OMIGOD, I KNOWWWWWWWW! The new HB faceup was done before I got him; riversoblood (from whom I bought him) says that the gold in the original faceup had oxidized badly, so it really wasn't salvageable. But it sounds as if she might have his stuff, so that could be rejoining him after all! I wonder, too, where his Queen Nitocris went. I should ping Jane and Marina in the UK about her, because they have a good bead on all the CH Uniques that went across the pond.

That's cool on the sweater. I now have a move date next month(YAY)so once I'm up there I can see if I have anything interesting in buttons.

Oh I remember Riversofblood, she of giant Chii fame. That's interesting that she ended up with him. I can understand about that paint since metallic paint can do that. At least she did go with HeavyBomb so it's keeping that Custom House vibe. And it does look like HeavyBomb did it a little different than her set natural face-up. If you can get a close-up that would be cool. My Ryu had the natural so I can tell the differences.

It would be really great if you can get his outfit and all. He's the kind of doll that really deserves to be kept complete as much as possible.

Mia had the Queen, her Artemis, and swore she would not sell her. But she's kind of not been around on-line and such so I don't know how things are. I hope she's okay and just had to get away from the doll stuff. Anyway, Artemis was in Albuquerque unless Mia sold her since then.

Did they have two little ones or was there just one? I was trying to remember. I have the magazine but it's packed away. Lol, if you ever decide to do the Egyptian thing with him, let me know. I made a collar for a friend's Anubis with beads made like they had back then and I'd be willing to do another.

I swear I was at the airport and had to restrain myself when I saw him. What a surprise! Congratulations!

Now I'm getting confused. Mia had Queen Nitocris, and named her Artemis . . . but that's a different doll from the one that CH named "Artemis, the Goddess," ne? I'm pretty sure they were both tan Choas, but that's where the resemblance ends. I know where CH's Goddess Artemis is--with either Marina or Jane in the UK, and shame on me for not remembering which--but I have no idea about the Queen. There were definitely two little ones:
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Now I'm getting confused. Mia had Queen Nitocris, and named her Artemis . . . but that's a different doll from the one that CH named "Artemis, the Goddess," ne? I'm pretty sure they were both tan Choas, but that's where the resemblance ends. I know where CH's Goddess Artemis is--with either Marina or Jane in the UK, and shame on me for not remembering which--but I have no idea about the Queen. There were definitely two little ones: <lj-user=ashbet> had the more serious-faced one, and then there was the smiley one on the postcard that I have.

I will work on getting better faceup pictures, but I'm not sure my camera is sensitive enough to pick up the beautiful hints of shimmer that HB used around the eyes. It's like a memory of the original gilt faceup--as if the Pharaoh can dial down his divine aura when he's passing as a regular guy. ;-)

Hooray for the move date!!!

Yes Mia had the Queen. Sorry about the confusion, I just got use to calling her Artemis, the name Mia gave her. So unless someone has more current info, that is where the Pharoh's Queen is. And Jola has one of the little ones, how cool!

I wonder what HeavyBomb thought when she had him in her hands. Had to bring back memories I bet. I've packed my Ryu but I need to change some of the face-covers after I go over to Volks and get a few more of theirs so will have to see how they both look.

Yup hooray for the big move. No more super loud people over my head. Life will get better and the manager here will finally have to deal with the bad situation he created. Plus definitely more interesting photo opportunities in my new place and lots more room. Big step but thinking it has to be worth it.

You have such an impressive CH collection, C, so awesome!!:) -And Oh boy, he is so handsome, wonderful and obviously special. I love his sweet face and his old school look! It is very sad about the Pharaoh makeup, but his current one is lovely and shows him of well. I hope you can get his Pharaoh outfit from her - be so amazing to have it! :)

Such a beautiful sweater!!! You pick such gorgeous colours for your lovely creations... and the cute buttons kill me. :3

I got my Unoa Sist finally! :) *So cute and so tiny* Somehow these things are different in real life -though you think you are prepared. She is even more out of scale to my other dolls than I imagined. I love her though! The body is sculpted so nice and I like the joints --hmmm, but she needs a new faceup beore I show her off. :3

Oh, Sist, Sist, Sist, yay!! Yes, she'll completely refuse to play nice with your other dolls, and will probably start demanding more Unoas to hang out with, plus of course a whole new wardrobe all for herself . . . Unoas are little divas, no matter how sweet they may pretend to be. Just wait till she insists on having a Unoa boyfriend. ;-)

I just adore old-school CH; I guess I never really "moved on" in my BJD tastes from where I started, because I still think CH and early Volks dolls are as good as it gets. (Well, and Dollshe, of course!) With the Pharaoh Chowon's arrival, the only CH sculpt that I still wish I could find is an early Miya, but I'm picky about Miyas. I'm sure one will float my way sooner or later--they have a way of doing that, heh.

The yarn handspinners and handpainters are killing my budget! Such amazing stuff, wooooooooooyeah.

congrats he is stunning
very happy for you

Exactly where he should be! <33 Congrats, C! Finally you have your beloved Chowon!!

And you are the Susan Bristol of the BJD sweater world. ;)

Ha! Back in the days when I lived near an actual mall, I would haunt the nice department store to see what each season's Susan Bristol sweaters looked like . . . I still have a Bristol Christmas cardigan that I pull out every year.

I really am over the moon about the Pharaoh--I'm not sure I'll ever actually call him by an individual name, so maybe I should just resign myself that he'll be The Pharaoh forever.

He's gorgeous! I wonder what he looked like before? I came into BJDs in late 2006 early 2007 and missed out on seeing some of the really neat stuff that happened in the BJD early years.


I used to have one of the tan Egyptian Petites (I named him Menkhare), but he lives with jola now, and is appropriately spoiled :)


Edited at 2012-04-10 03:16 am (UTC)

Three cheers for Lynn T., and to Andi for hanging onto that link! I completely forgot that the Pharaoh and the smiley Petite started off with Lynn--so Dare is the second CH unicorn (#1 is Flynn, the tan Ainomori Jun 2nd) to begin with her and end with me, heh.

Yeah, that was some serious gold on the original faceup. What I need to get better pictures of is the subtle way HeavyBomb updated the concept when she redid him: his faceup is shimmery, with pearl eyeliner, but you have to get up really close to see how he sparkles. A stealth pharaoh!

Edited at 2012-04-10 12:03 pm (UTC)

That is really kind of amazing ^___^

The Circle of Dolly Life makes me happy -- and it seems to be especially pronounced with CH dolls. My lovely Ishtar (2003 Choa) is the same one who graced Karin Bussman's website for so long :)



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