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Volks headplate question (After School Shiro? Heath?)

Hey, could somebody with an After School Shiro Tachibana and/or a Heath tell me if the headplate described below belongs to one of them? While I was rooting through my stash of packing materials just now, a Volks headplate fell out of a wad of bubble wrap. I think it must be either the headplate for Mayuki, the recently-arrived Shiro girl, or for Giuliano the also-recently-arrived Heath--more likely Mayuki, since After School Shiro was released in 2006. Still, it's also conceivable that one of the sellers I've dealt with in the past few months might have mislaid some other doll's headplate and accidentally wrapped it up with a doll or body being sent to me. I can't tell any longer which bubble wrap was around which doll, soooooooooooo . . .

Mystery headplate says: SDPHOTODAYS06

If this is either Mayuki's or Giuliano's, I'll glue it back on and be delighted!
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