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Volks headplate question (After School Shiro? Heath?)
Hey, could somebody with an After School Shiro Tachibana and/or a Heath tell me if the headplate described below belongs to one of them? While I was rooting through my stash of packing materials just now, a Volks headplate fell out of a wad of bubble wrap. I think it must be either the headplate for Mayuki, the recently-arrived Shiro girl, or for Giuliano the also-recently-arrived Heath--more likely Mayuki, since After School Shiro was released in 2006. Still, it's also conceivable that one of the sellers I've dealt with in the past few months might have mislaid some other doll's headplate and accidentally wrapped it up with a doll or body being sent to me. I can't tell any longer which bubble wrap was around which doll, soooooooooooo . . .

Mystery headplate says: SDPHOTODAYS06

If this is either Mayuki's or Giuliano's, I'll glue it back on and be delighted!
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I'm going to guess it's Shiro's because if I remember correctly, Heath's would have had the same kind of headplate most limiteds have. Which is a date and the Dolpa number. Shiro came from tickets in that photo book they put out which makes me think that would be why it's Photo on the head plate.

I can check mine if no one replies. However it may take a couple days since he's packed up in a suitcase. The joys of moving.

Oh, jeez, don't worry about digging him out! Thanks--you've confirmed what I thought, plus I checked Giuliano again, only to find that he DOES have his headplate (I thought both he and Mayuki were missing theirs). I feel confident in gluing the mystery one into Mayuki's indentation now, and boy, how glad am I that I happened to pull out that particular wad of bubble wrap and hear the little clink as the plate fell on the floor?

I had to move some stuff so I checked and I can say that is definitely the head plate for After School Shiro. And good for you for finding it!

Deff Mayuki's.
I hadn't seen a headplate like that until she lived here.

It's certainly new to me! All glued in place again, so the World can never doubt that she's a real live Shiro.

Hey, I keep meaning to ask you, just for the heck of it: what did you call her when you had her?

Edited at 2012-04-21 12:01 am (UTC)

Oh dear......I can't even remember. All my pics are on the hard drive that I salvaged when my computer died last April, but I haven't had anyone extract the photos. For some reason I think it was a Russian name, but I'm not even sure of that.

There are some dolls actually in my house right now whose names I can never remember. I'm trying to decide whether this is a sign that I need to rename the doll, or put it up for sale . . .

Just to confirm for you, it's After School Shirou's plate. SD Photo Days is for the SD photobook that you had to buy to order After School Shirou. :)

Thanks, Nena! PhotoDAYS is still a bit of a headscratcher for me (PhotoBOOK I get . . . PhotoDAYS, not so much), but the big thing is getting the headplate back where it belongs. I can't believe I almost didn't find it!

I do believe its 'Days' because the theme at the time was 'School Days' (Shirou in school uniform and Yukinojo's gym outfit). But you're right, they could have easily have put 'book' instead..!

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