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Should be grading. Not grading.

Nope, instead I'm having an oldskool Saiyuki anime marathon (omg, I could listen to Ishida voice Hakkai 24/7 and still melt every time he says a line) and putting some stuff in the Etsy shop. The current "Baligate" debacle is making me think that I might want to have a venue somewhere else, in case Etsy really does turn into eBay Lite. With that in mind I plunked down ten bucks last week for the domain name, figuring that I have a fair plenty of time to decide what to do with it. The first thing I have to learn to do is put up a redirect to my Etsy shop, but nothing's gonna happen on that front until the semester is over.

Two dresses and a cardigan (looky, tiny functional pockets!),

One more week of classes, then finals. I swear, I have never seen such a tired, squirrelly bunch of students or faculty in my whole career. Whoever on the campus Calendar Committee thought it was a good idea to stretch our semesters from 15 weeks to 17 weeks (plus finals) was so very, very wrong.
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