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Should be grading. Not grading.
Nope, instead I'm having an oldskool Saiyuki anime marathon (omg, I could listen to Ishida voice Hakkai 24/7 and still melt every time he says a line) and putting some stuff in the Etsy shop. The current "Baligate" debacle is making me think that I might want to have a venue somewhere else, in case Etsy really does turn into eBay Lite. With that in mind I plunked down ten bucks last week for the domain name squirrelmoonknits.com, figuring that I have a fair plenty of time to decide what to do with it. The first thing I have to learn to do is put up a redirect to my Etsy shop, but nothing's gonna happen on that front until the semester is over.

Two dresses and a cardigan (looky, tiny functional pockets!), http://squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com:

One more week of classes, then finals. I swear, I have never seen such a tired, squirrelly bunch of students or faculty in my whole career. Whoever on the campus Calendar Committee thought it was a good idea to stretch our semesters from 15 weeks to 17 weeks (plus finals) was so very, very wrong.

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Oh dear, there is Etsy drama?

I have a domain, but my server died. I should learn this redirect thing.

Lovely sweaters, as always. My girl hasn't taken hers off! <3

omg, is there Etsy drama. The reseller issue is off the boil (though a lot of shops are going into vacation mode for one day as a protest), but now there's some huge thing about a new wedding category that ignores most shops.

Ooooooo, I would love to see a picture of your girl in her sweater sometime!!!!

Aw, thank you! I'm not managing to leave enough comments, but I'm loving your pictures of Rally--

I hope the rest of semester passes painlessly! It is this last bit that usually feels the longest.^^

Lovely new items!!! Oooo, and tiny functional pockets... I'm a sucker for little details like that! ♥

This week has felt ENDLESS, and it's still only Thursday. Bleah. But time does pass, even when it feels like it isn't.

Pockets are fun! I find it's hard to make the edges look neat enough on this scale, but I'm getting there.

Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

When will you have a spare day? Queen Lora should make her appearence sometime the week before Mother's Day, which also coincides with someone's birthday. I am totally loving the first and third wigs. And the sweater is fab - fab!! So need a play day.

Re: Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

Oy. I'm trying to figure that out myself. Next week is a mess; I will be grading and writing exams nonstop. Maybe Wednesday the 16th or Friday the 18th?

Re: Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

OKay, I will try to keep those two days open. I think Jack is off the 15th and 16th. We will be in Manhattan on the 17th for Jack's flight physical. The 18th should work though.

Re: Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

The 18th looks good for me at this distance, so let's aim for that and see how it goes. While I'm in Topeka, I could stop by Hobby Lobby or Michael's for cemetery flowers--Wal-Mart here doesn't have much to offer, and I hate shopping at Wal-Mart anyway. I'm going to make the trip down to Parsons that following Monday/Tuesday instead of over Memorial Day weekend itself (got a friend coming to visit that weekend).

Re: Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

Sounds like a plan!! I'll treat for a birthday lunch.

Re: Sooo, when is the semester over and ...

Hugs! :-)

While I have an Etsy account and will hopefully try to sell there again, I don't follow much there. The thing is there have been a lot of re-sellers on Etsy and a lot of people selling stuff as collectable (aka suppose to be 20 or 25 years old) but it's not old stuff. They never really did anything about it before from what I saw. But maybe others did see them shutting down people before?

Etsy would have to go a long way to become the current eBay though. It's still known to buyers as the go to place for hand made stuff so I'd say it's worth it to stick around. I know sellers who tried other options like Artfire and they always seem to go back to Etsy plus have their own web shop sometimes.

Your last girl looks so much like Sara Gilbert when she was doing "Roseanne". The wig makes her look adorable!

Good luck with getting through the next two weeks. That is actually earlier than colleges out here get out, at least the ones I've been to.

And well in just a little over a week I will hopefully be able to start taking some rather good photos of your sweaters =) xing fingers everything goes okay and there aren't any wolves.

Ha! I thought the same thing while I was taking those pictures: it would never have occurred to me that a sad Mina could be a dead ringer for Sara Gilbert, but she certainly is. I love that wig on her--I think it's hers for the duration.

Yes, I figure that as long as Etsy brings in traffic, it's a good place to be . . . though I still think I'll keep the domain name and put up a redirect. I'm not working in any category that's likely to be affected by the reseller thing--it's just too small a niche, BJD stuff, and the people in that niche who are more or less resellers/factories are actually good additions to the Etsy options. Etsy is so easy to use, and so reasonably-priced--it's been perfect for me. But if Etsy is going to get a seriously bad name in general, I want to be alert and ready with Plan B, just in case.

...what exactly was the purpose in extending the semester anyway? I'll admit, 2 weeks doesn't SOUND like much until it's two weeks after the point where you're Ready To Be Done.

Squee domain name! If you find you need or want someone to pull together/maintain a site for you, I've a friend who's good at such things. My rudimentary grasp of html only extends so far as making tables, and it's been quite a while since I did those. >_>

Lovely sweaters as ever! Remind me, when I'm over I need your sage advice on how to make a v-neck pullover. Taliesin wants one out of that Rowan tweed and I've been too chicken to just muddle it out on my own.

I don't get the schedule thing. I suspect it has something to do with mirroring the local K-12 school district's schedule, for the convenience of faculty/staff/students who have kids in school, but I may be all wrong about that. It may also be driven by the state legislature's conviction that them pointy-headed commie perfessers don't work hard enough, no they don't.

I will pick your brain about website stuff when you're out here!

And as for V-necks, what we'll do is look at Knitting in the Old Way while you're here, unless you're ready to enter the world of knitting pieces flat and sewing them together. I've given up trying to do V-necks in the round, because mine always look awful; my variation on the old biscuitbear SD cardigan pattern is what I use for V-necks, knitted in pieces and seamed at the end. But I know there are ways to make good-looking V-necks knitted mostly circularly, with some math and/or courage (i.e., steeking)

uhh... ok this last picture is making me really want a St. Mina. um. she is FABOOO

This is true! lollllllllllll

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