sedens (sedens) wrote,

Isn't she lovely?

Mine, mine, all mine. One-off Volks Cyndy on SD13 body; I snagged her on Y!J, and now I'm waiting for Golden Week to be over so Celga will get her packed and shipped. I'm hoping she comes with her paperwork, so I can see when she was released.

I can't say that I'm mad about the outfit. fairemma thinks it has a certain 1930s glamor about it, but in this picture I confess that I only see "dumpy Chinese grandma." It will be interesting to see what it's like in person. I do like the shoes, though; I have them in black, and they're v. useful.

Must get back to grading. I put the worst paper on the top of the stack, which should have been a smart psychological move, but instead I now feel as if I've done a good day's work by having graded it and should be able to go home plz.
Tags: bjd, cyndy, dailyblah, work, y!j
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