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Isn't she lovely?
Mine, mine, all mine. One-off Volks Cyndy on SD13 body; I snagged her on Y!J, and now I'm waiting for Golden Week to be over so Celga will get her packed and shipped. I'm hoping she comes with her paperwork, so I can see when she was released.

I can't say that I'm mad about the outfit. fairemma thinks it has a certain 1930s glamor about it, but in this picture I confess that I only see "dumpy Chinese grandma." It will be interesting to see what it's like in person. I do like the shoes, though; I have them in black, and they're v. useful.

Must get back to grading. I put the worst paper on the top of the stack, which should have been a smart psychological move, but instead I now feel as if I've done a good day's work by having graded it and should be able to go home plz.

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Oh, it's a lovely vintage qi-pao style! I think you'll like it when you get it in your hands. The photo does make it harder to envision.

Yes, I'm sure both of you Lisas are right about that . . . I will try to put Granny Bao out of my head, honest I will!

;) It's a Lisa thing. We Know.

OHHH, she is wonderful, congrats!!!:D To have a one-off sounds awesome to me.:3 I think her outfit look very interesting and can't wait to see your photos of it!

Do you have your B-day off tomorrow, C? ♥

Pthththttttthttttt. No B-day off; it's the last day of classes for the semester, though, which is kind of festive, sort of. My B-day is badly timed for the line of work I ended up in, because I'm always swamped with grading and grumpy because of it. Wanna move to Japan and have Golden Week coincide pretty closely, wah.

But mainly, aw, thank you for noticing!!! This is the Big Five-O year. When did that happen?

Yay for one-offs! Do you know if she's a Dolpa or store one-off? If not sure, you can tell by the head plate although the store ones won't say what store she is from. So hopefully she will have her card. At least she has everything she came with.

And happy birthday if it's your birthday tomorrow! Have some fun!

Tomorrow is indeed the day, and I have plans to go to my fave Mexican restaurant with my closest in-town friend for dinner, so that will be all good. Just have to grind through the last couple of classes and whatever kerfuffles students come up with, first!

The auction listing was really uncommunicative: no year, no Dolpa/store info. I'm waiting for the headplate to tell me a bit more, and hopinghopinghoping that her card will be somewhere in the box.

That happened with mine, auction didn't even say he was a one-off. Discovered by the head-plate that he was from a store. I think it's ONE OFF LIMITED on those. Even so it was cool to find that out. Yeah the card helps find out who painted the doll so xing fingers it will be in the box. You have a better chance since she's full set. Mine was just a head, lol!

It's strange because here people would be shouting in the sales listing that it's a one-off. I think (and someone also said) because they have so many in the stores that it doesn't seem to matter much to some in Japan. I will say with that face-up she does look like one of your crew.

Well Feliz Cumpleanos! Hope your kerfuffles are few!

Oh, I take it back: I just looked at the auction listing text again, and it was more communicative than I thought it was! The seller says she was welcomed in 2010, and the faceup is "like" (="by?") K. Mayura. I'm no good at spotting individual Volks artists' faceup styles, though, so external verification (like the CARD, already) would be nice . . .

Beautiful girl :) You are definitely scooping up some awesome dollies!

And luckily, other people are scooping up ones that I want to move out of the house, so I can fund the new arrivals! ;-)

Hey, I love your avatar pic, but I can't place the face: who is she? (I'm going to feel really stupid as soon as you answer, I'm sure.)

And other people feel very lucky ;)

She is a Luts modded Juri 2005

Whoa . . . I had a Juri 05 (briefly), but I really didn't know one could be modded to look that fabulous! She is so ethereal-looking, yum.

i never even look on yj -- I can't seem to figure it OUT or something.it probably is for the best, or I'd have more than 37 (holy shit holy shit) bjds that I already fessed up to owning in my own lj post.

she is SUPER. I think her faceup is awesome. does she maybe need new upper lashes? i think her palette is beautiful, esp since we're so used to seeing cyndy with much brighter lips.

How do you spot smushed eyelashes??? I can't see 'em at all! ;-) We'll find out how smushed they are when she gets here--I have tons of lashes, so it will be easy to replace the originals if need be.

Yeah, having Y!J figured out is a dangerous, dangerous thing. *looking around the living room and shuddering*

Her face is really lovely.
Congrats ^-^

And Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you and thank you, with a hug! :-)

Happy early Birthday present!

I think I've seen her somewhere....maybe one of the Volks flyers? And I think youre doubly lucky because those look like the thin orange Zoukes that are now discontinued!

Me too, she looks crazy-familiar and it's driving me nuts trying to place her. Gooooorgeous though!

Oh, wow, do you think those look like Thin Orange? I was puzzling over the pictures a little--couldn't quite figure what color the eyes seemed to be. Thin Orange didn't even cross my mind. I've always wondered what it looked like in person . . .

And, hey, since I rechecked the auction listing and it says 2010, you all mean there might be a picture of her in one of the 2010 flyers?? Does Volks archive the flyers on their website? I've never really looked. *hmmmmmmm*

It would be mildly ironic if it turns out that the seller is on DoA or something, and that's why this one-off looks familiar. ;-)

Edited at 2012-05-03 11:42 pm (UTC)

Congrats to you!! She's very pretty. Hopefully you will have some bright spots throughout the day.

Your card made me laugh out loud this morning--it was a great way to start the day! *big hug*

Hope your days is full of smiles and good, happy things. Glad the card started yor day out with a laugh. Hugs to you...

wow congrats
great brow line there !!!! I love that feathered brow on the younger looking Volks girls

So do I! Volks' faceups have gotten so detailed and lovely in recent years--this one stopped me in my tracks while I was surfing Y!J.

Happy birthday!!

And, wow, she is a stunner -- can't wait to see her under your touch! <3

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