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Sejong encounters . . . now wait just a gosh-darn minute . . .
Sasha Blaze
Taking a break from grading term papers to catch up on recent events around my house:

SEJONG: What is inside this large parcel, American Cynthia?

CYNTHIA (absorbed in admiring the Saiki head): Huh? It's the SD13 body that I got from Japan. Hang on--weren't you on the top of the bookcase a minute ago?

SEJONG: You are in the habit of purchasing bodies? This discovery troubles me. Perhaps I should confer with my traveling companion Kanbei-dono, and find another inn to shelter us.

CYNTHIA: Don't you find the air a little thin up there on the moral high ground, Sejong-ji?

SEJONG (ignoring me): A severed head!

CYNTHIA: Hey, don't grab! Let go right now, Sejong. I mean it.

SEJONG (still ignoring me): It is the head of my enemy. I have sought this enemy over mountains and across seas. And now his head is sent to shame me, because I have wallowed in American luxury and forgotten the path of righteous vengeance.

CYNTHIA: That is not the head of your enemy.

SEJONG (still . . . oh, never mind): I must find the one who killed him, and avenge us both. This was a brave enemy. His skill with the sword was only moderate, and his poems were pedestrian and derivative, but nevertheless he was a brave man. Relatively speaking.

SEJONG: Kanbei-dono and I shall make his grave in your large garden, and place a sword on the grave to honor him. Then we shall journey to find the man who killed him. It will be a work of enlightened charity for you to give us money for the journey. Fifty thou--AWK! Put me down! Put me down at once, American Cynthia!

CYNTHIA: And you stay up there this time. *goes to put the head away, muttering* How many thousands of BJDs in the world? And I have to get the crazy ones. I've got one with shinsengumi PTSD and one with Silla Dynasty revenge fantasies and . . .

SEJONG: I am excessively tired of meditating upon shame.

Edited to add the digital omake, heh:

Kanbei-dono--I don't think I posted this one when I took it:

Sejong in disguise as an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog model:
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hahahahahahahahahah yay Sejong!

I get altar boys and priests.

Pondering on this.

I have these two semi-armed camps: the Regular Kids (Pen, Claudine, and Simon), and then the Gang of Strange (Etienne, Shunshou, Sejong, and Kanbei). With Lyon somewhere in the middle, smirking a bit and not tipping his hand at all.

I should do the photostory where Claudine develops a mad annoying crush on Kanbei, like the one Shunshou has on her. Heh.

It's not getting the term papers graded, but it was a lot more entertaining to put together . . . ;-)

This boy kills me!

*snerk* I swear the dialogue writes itself for Sejong and for Claudine--they're both completely impossible in their different ways, and I love them so much.

OMG... XD;;; And I thought V was a little off!

Send her down the road--she'd fit right in. *sigh*

Bwahahahahaha! Sejong is so very, very cool! What a beautiful face-up he has - that wacky and yet so appropriately perfect wig just shows off those gorgeous brows. *swoon*

This was a brave enemy. His skill with the sword was only moderate, and his poems were pedestrian and derivative, but nevertheless he was a brave man. Relatively speaking.

CLASSIC!!!! *snort*

I do think DollTi's faceup artist was on a roll the day s/he painted Sejong . . . all the Ds are beautiful, though.

I need to be braver with wigs and eyes, in general--I'm always happy when I make myself experiment with something weird, but my instinct is to stay "natural" and low-key. Hmmmm.

Sejong is SO easy to write. :-)

I didn't get a chance to say earlier but that is the perfect wig and outfit for Sejong, and so fits that fun little story line. So love your samaris, crazy as they may seem :)

Awwwww, thanks! I do love this wig on him--I'm surprised that it works so well, but I'll take good luck wherever I can get it.

And yes. They're both head cases, but I love them anyway. ^__^


o American Cynthia, I hope that we shall have plenty of opportunity to ruminate with this brave warrior...

and he wants 50 thousand dollars. I love it. Enlightened charity indeed!! **SMURP**

In fairness to Sejong, I *believe* he's thinking in Korean won, and 50K won would be . . . pretty much peanuts. Fifty bucks, am I right?

Hmmm, that would have gone quite a bit further in the Silla Dynasty, though. ;-)

I absolutely cannot think of anything witty to say tonight. Someone has hit the off switch on my brain for sure, but I did want to tell you I liked your pics. Sejong funny. heh heh.

Feel like Mugen with the attention span of an...uh...whatever.

Hee! I can think of SO many ways to finish that sentence . . .

Actually, I'm kinda taken with the idea of a small samurai grave in my back yard. I have moderately irritating neighbors on one side--it would freak them out--

hello! i hope you dont mind me friending you, i love the pics you take of your dolls and the clothes you dress them up in :D

Hiya, Helene! Welcome aboard, and awwwww, aren't you sweet! Same to you and all your handsome devils--

"wallowed in American luxury"

Classic! LOL! I really enjoyed this - made me laugh so much.

We aim to please! I needed a laugh myself--many term papers, little sleep--

You know I love your Kanbei right?

Awwww, I HAD sorta guessed! That's two of us. ^__^ He's wearing a Poshdolls dreads wig right now, and it's strangely convincing--must try to get a picture tonight.

My My such attitude ... i like him more and more!
Moral high ground ... tee hee ....

If he weren't so cute, he would be unbearable. *__*

Abercrombie and Fitch model.....

Okay I'll grin all day now!

I know Dance is now hiding from my evol thoughts of plaid shirts and khaki shorts

Sejong isn't what you'd call thrilled with HIS plaid shirt, either.

But I still think it's cute, and I'm taller than he is.

How did I miss this post? It's hilarious. So goddamn funny. I HEAP BIG HEART Sejong.

Hee! I've been incubating this one for weeks . . . you and nagasvoice planted the germ of the idea, back when.

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