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Sejong encounters . . . now wait just a gosh-darn minute . . .

Taking a break from grading term papers to catch up on recent events around my house:

SEJONG: What is inside this large parcel, American Cynthia?

CYNTHIA (absorbed in admiring the Saiki head): Huh? It's the SD13 body that I got from Japan. Hang on--weren't you on the top of the bookcase a minute ago?

SEJONG: You are in the habit of purchasing bodies? This discovery troubles me. Perhaps I should confer with my traveling companion Kanbei-dono, and find another inn to shelter us.

CYNTHIA: Don't you find the air a little thin up there on the moral high ground, Sejong-ji?

SEJONG (ignoring me): A severed head!

CYNTHIA: Hey, don't grab! Let go right now, Sejong. I mean it.

SEJONG (still ignoring me): It is the head of my enemy. I have sought this enemy over mountains and across seas. And now his head is sent to shame me, because I have wallowed in American luxury and forgotten the path of righteous vengeance.

CYNTHIA: That is not the head of your enemy.

SEJONG (still . . . oh, never mind): I must find the one who killed him, and avenge us both. This was a brave enemy. His skill with the sword was only moderate, and his poems were pedestrian and derivative, but nevertheless he was a brave man. Relatively speaking.

SEJONG: Kanbei-dono and I shall make his grave in your large garden, and place a sword on the grave to honor him. Then we shall journey to find the man who killed him. It will be a work of enlightened charity for you to give us money for the journey. Fifty thou--AWK! Put me down! Put me down at once, American Cynthia!

CYNTHIA: And you stay up there this time. *goes to put the head away, muttering* How many thousands of BJDs in the world? And I have to get the crazy ones. I've got one with shinsengumi PTSD and one with Silla Dynasty revenge fantasies and . . .

SEJONG: I am excessively tired of meditating upon shame.

Edited to add the digital omake, heh:

Kanbei-dono--I don't think I posted this one when I took it:

Sejong in disguise as an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog model:
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