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Resin, incoming!
But first, this public announcement . . .


Well, at least until all the late work rolls in from the students who took Incompletes, but there will be time enough to worry about that when it happens. And the really great part is that, while grading the last assignment from my Literary Criticism class, I had the joy of reading the two best papers I have ever received, in twenty-plus years of college teaching. Sometimes I do love my job.

Now, for the arrivals.

Here's Shino, the one-off SD13 Cyndy, in her default getup, wig, and eyes. I do indeed believe that these are Thin Orange eyes, though I'm feeling a little ???? about that, since the Y!J auction said she was a 2010 one-off, but Thin Orange was discontinued in 2009. Not that it's inconceivable for Volks to have had a few left, especially in the lower-demand sizes, but it's still curious. No card in the package, though the unopened rest of the paperwork was there (unhelpful, but there it is). Her headplate says "ONEOFFMODEL," as it should, but I really wanted that card for more details. *sigh*

And a mad impulse seized me last Friday, when I noticed a Minoru Kamimura head AND a Minoru Kamimura SDGr body in the Marketplace at the same time. Both sellers were absolute sweethearts--shipped the same day I paid!--and, well, here is a lousy snapshot of Katsushiro, who's found his sensei at last. (I hated to interrupt their conversation to take the picture, heh.)

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Eeeeee!!! So happy for you!!! Grades, awesome student papers, STUNNING Cyndy, and OMG SURPRISE MINORU!!!


that cyndy is... gackt. fabulous. gorgeous. absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the new boy! wow what a great looking boy! I like him a lot. wooot!!

was happiest to read about getting GOOD papers for once. that is wonderful.

Wow, C!!! She is so sweet and lovely! She is such a wonderful find. I'm sorry about the card though... that's to bad :/ Congrats on your handsome new boy too - I love them both. *____*

Yay!!! Congrats on those final grades and those lovely papers, wonderful!:)))

I love Cyndy!!!! I think they are Dense Orange...but I am no expert ;)

Congrats!! Cyndy is so lovely ^-^

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