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Fun with yarn! Also, Toshi bags another rabbit.

One would hardly think that any dog as portly and low to the ground as Our Toshi would be such a successful hunter, but yesterday he got his first prey of the season. Argh. I had really been enjoying watching the young rabbits play around the house, but they've all cleared out since the carnage, and who can blame them? This brings Toshi's lifetime total up to four rabbits and two birds that I know of, and right now he's camped out on the back step, eyeballing a mother robin who's trying to convince one of her chicks to feed itself instead of pestering her. The chick is fully fledged and able to fly well enough to get to the top of the fence, so I don't think the robins are in any real danger, but still. As I said, argh.

As a break from the solid black rollneck I foolishly agreed to make for one of my Etsy customers (no, I don't really take custom orders . . . this just sort of happened without my quite realizing that I had agreed), I've been indulging in color every chance I get. Herewith:

You got your purply kind of color--

And your olivey kind of color--

And a whole assortment of pretty spring colors--
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