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Summer summer summer summer
. . . love it. Okay, not the heat: that's miserable, even indoors with the AC cranked down. But the freedom? Oh, yeah. Good stuff. It was lovely to have the 12-month administrative contract's salary, but having summers pretty much all to myself honestly is worth the pay cut.

A little resin news--first, a new sweater for the shop (http://www.squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com):

And an arrival, a mad splurgey indulgence on Y!J. This is Norimasa, Nori for short, a one-off Tsukasa with a faceup by the Korean artist Gate 51.

Mmmmmmm. Life's very nice.

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Gorgeous!!! :D

(And I'm with you on the mad splurging -- my house in MD sold, so I bought a Lieselotte and an Another Secret Mr. Wolf head in celebration!)


Have a wonderful summer!!


.... *eyetwitch*... ok he might be my most favorite boy of yours now. oh my gosh. his faceup, i LOVE love love his pale lips!! omg, he is GORGEOUS.

the sweaters rock. i LOVE the pink one, and the buttons! the buttons!!!

Oh, man, that is a lovely Tsukasa. I've always liked boys with pale lips--it's a thing with me. Congratulations on your find! :D

i love the hand knit sweaters ♥ i could become addicted to them.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ♥ one-off Tsukasas =)

Oh, let me know if you have that article from Haute Doll with the Pharoh and his family in it. If you don't I can scan the photos for you.

Oh my, a Tsukasa one-off!! *___* your new boy is wonderful and so handsome, congrats!!

You sound like a happy kitty resting in a sunny spot... have a lovely summer, C!~♥♥♥

Congrats on welcoming Tsukasa to su casa! Ahaha, sorry, couldn't resist. :P He is a looker! <3

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