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In which I continue to be a sucker for old Custom House.

Please say hello to Kitten:

Kitten is probably the strayest of all my CH rescue strays . . . thanks to poor lighting conditions, this picture is blurry enough to minimize the truly horrendous awfulness of the previous owner's faceup, but believe me, it is both horrendous and awful. I won't even go into the neon-orange eyeshadow. The good news is that Previous Owner scribbled over the original, distinctive CH eyebrows with pencil, so their shape and placement are still intact--this should give me a leg up when I send him out for refurbishment. He comes by his sulkiness fairly; to add insult to bad-faceup-and-overall-griminess injury, he arrived folded into a Z-shape inside a square box, zipped into an Angell-Studio satin bag. *shudder*

For being the same Gene sculpt as Pen, Kitten certainly doesn't look anything like my sweet, studious Best Boy. How I do love these dolls, you know?

And yes, if anyone's keeping track, I do have a Kit (my Dollstown Mui). Can't help it. Kit is Kit, and Kitten is Kitten, and that's all there is to it.
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