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In which I continue to be a sucker for old Custom House.
Please say hello to Kitten:

Kitten is probably the strayest of all my CH rescue strays . . . thanks to poor lighting conditions, this picture is blurry enough to minimize the truly horrendous awfulness of the previous owner's faceup, but believe me, it is both horrendous and awful. I won't even go into the neon-orange eyeshadow. The good news is that Previous Owner scribbled over the original, distinctive CH eyebrows with pencil, so their shape and placement are still intact--this should give me a leg up when I send him out for refurbishment. He comes by his sulkiness fairly; to add insult to bad-faceup-and-overall-griminess injury, he arrived folded into a Z-shape inside a square box, zipped into an Angell-Studio satin bag. *shudder*

For being the same Gene sculpt as Pen, Kitten certainly doesn't look anything like my sweet, studious Best Boy. How I do love these dolls, you know?

And yes, if anyone's keeping track, I do have a Kit (my Dollstown Mui). Can't help it. Kit is Kit, and Kitten is Kitten, and that's all there is to it.

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I'm having to view and comment on LJ with my phone lately---can't login to LJ with Hughesnet.. ugh, so awkward. Kitten looks like a sulky-cool type to me.:) I really like him already and can't wait to see him with his new faceup! *____* Congratulations on him!

As long as I don't get up too close, I really don't have MAJOR problems with this faceup . . . but up close, eeeergh. I have somebody lined up to redo him next month, so in the meantime, he can just hang out and be pouty with neon-orange eyeshadow. ;-)

**hugs** Congratulations on your rescue -- I'm so happy for you!!!

(I recently rescued a Rinon and a Lieselotte -- trust me, their previous face-ups were so bad that I LITERALLY PUT THEIR HEADS IN A BOX AND SENT IT OUT THE DAY THEY ARRIVED. Thankfully, Eludys came through, and they're now both gorgeous -- here's hoping your artist can bring out the best in Kitten!)

Eris, in my icon, is another rescue -- she started out with a broken knee and pink-and-yellow eyeshadow. Thanks to Ravendolls (for the knee) and Kittymaru (for the face-up), she is now a delight! :D


Oh, good heavens . . . who would muck up a Lieselotte? *shudder* I keep looking at Rinons, myself--if the absolute right one happened along, I'm not totally sure I could resist.

What is it with people and the bizarre eyeshadow? Do. Not. Understand.

Lark (Lieselotte) had decent eyebrows that I could live with, weird pale lips that I wasn't a fan of, and *gobs of fluorescent coral airbrushed blush all over.* Whoever did it was a competent artist, but they had *terrible* taste.

Much, MUCH happier with her now.

And, yeah -- some people and their . . . face-up ideas. *shudder*

*much love*

-- A <3

You're safe now, Kitten. No more pain where you are. <3

Kitten: *well, at least I'm wearing an EXPENSIVE Y!J SHIRT* *so my life does seem to be improving, uh-huh*


Congrats Kitten!

I was actually going to send you the eBay link, but remembered you already had a "few" of this mold. I'm glad you caved.

Heh. Well, officially it's only two Juns and now two Genes, so I'm not THAT overstocked . . . yet . . . *snerk*

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