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Vintage buttons FTW!
I found two sets of nifty old Czech glass buttons in a shop called kalliedesigns on Etsy--little squares in a creamy pink and intense French blue. Had some fun matching them up with yarn . . . everything's in the shop, http://www.squirrelmoonknits.com

Both of the yarns are Etsy finds, too--the lavender is a handpainted wool blend from Rambling Rose Designs, and the pink is a handpainted bamboo/cotton/elastic blend from Quo Vadis Handspun.
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They are beautiful sweaters! -and, Wah! I love the glass buttons. They add such a perfect touch to your already sweet creations. <3 Hope you are having a great summer, C! :)

Beautiful as always! You put so much work in to these, it's amazing.
I love the little button, what a nice little find.

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