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Um . . . you guys . . .
. . . I kinda just bought an Avvelenato doll.

It's one of those freaky BJD-serendipity things that, I have to say, have landed on me far more often than I deserve. I just happened to check DoA at exactly the right instant yesterday afternoon--it was like the afternoon when Grail and the_impassive's Bitte popped up on eBay, or the afternoon when Karin Bussman put Flynn up in the Marketplace. (What is it with afternoons and doll luck? I usually think of myself as a morning person.) Chandra--she who sold me Giuliano, the tattooed Heath--had only posted this guy a few minutes earlier, and, well. If you're curious to see what an unbelievable bargain I got (and I did--oh, boy, did I), just check the DoA Graveyard.

Avvelenato. AVVELENATO! I know Robin's Egg may well be more of a grail faceup artist for many people, and I'm sure there are other godlike names that I'm too clueless to be aware of, but for me the gates of Paradise have always, always opened on Avvelenato faceups.

Also, the purchase brought me some welcome closure on the one thing that had bugged me about buying Giuliano. As y'all really don't have any reason to remember, he arrived loose in his box, no bubble-wrap, no face-protector. Turns out that Chandra's mother shipped him for her, and no one had told Mother how to pack a doll properly. I am assured that Avvelenato Boy will arrive with the appropriate protection, so whew. Aaaaaand he's to be heading my way either today or tomorrow, so we will know quite, quite soon!

Sheesh. Gotta come up with a name. I was SO not expecting this--well, I mean, how DOES one expect such a thing?--and the pictures aren't shrieking a name at me, so I will contemplate the question over the weekend.

Right now, I have to get myself in gear for a day of volunteering as supervising judge for advance voting at two of the local retirement homes. There is a 29-page manual of detailed instructions. If I screw something up, the next you hear from me may be a plea for help with bail, because the county voting officials are VERY serious about the integrity of elections (as well they should be). Tomorrow there is a doll-related picnic in Topeka: Denis Bastien (Affordable Designs patterns and the LeeAnn child fashion dolls) will be there, and a friend of mine is organizing the event. I'm going to take a couple of Sashas and maybe the mini BJDs, because the focus is on child dolls. Busybusybusy, this end of summer!

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Yes, Chandra was who I got my Elf El from, and it was very clear that her Mom had no idea how to do it. Turlough's head had escaped his body, and his eyes were down around his feet, but he'd managed to get to me safe.

Mmmmhmmmmm. 'Twill be interesting to see how this guy arrives--and I'm still waiting on shipping info. Always exciting, this hobby . . .

(Deleted comment)
Wooohoooo--what a week! Almost makes up for the fact that I only have 10 days of happyhappyjoyjoysummerfreedom left, heh.

Congratulations, and boy, you DID get him for quite a steal! Thought just the head would be $600, but nope, you got the entire package. Congrats!! :)

(Chandra has a sweet bed frame.)

Yeah, isn't that a pretty room? I thought the same thing. ;-)

I spent a couple of minutes just STARING at the sales thread, because I could not even begin to believe that that was the price for the full doll. Even when I PMmed her, I was half-expecting her to say OMG that was a typo, I meant to put . . .

Needless to say, I thought of you as I was PMming her! And I figure, if for some unforeseeable reason he doesn't work out around here . . . I know where you are, right?

Ahaha! I hope he does work, but yeah, you've got my number. ;)

OMG, congratulations! And what a price, whoa. Those serendipitous days are unforgettable, eh? That total randomness of the Ebay Grail Doll Afternoon will always stay with me.

He's gorgeous. I love Avvelenato work and hadn't realized she'd retired from painting. And a Lucas, sigh. Yay yay!!!

BTW, no pics yet, but you outdid yourself with the sweater I bought for Orien. It's dreamy.

Oooooo, does the sweater work for him? It's a little schlumpy, but I thought it was soft enough to get by with (unlike the stiff yarns, which do need to fit better).

I know--I will NEVER forget that eBay afternoon. It's stuck in my memory just like the evening when I got my first tenure-track job offer. ;-)

It kinda broke my heart when Avvelenato removed herself from the scene. She even sold off all her photo props on Y!J--I bought (and still have) the Cowichan-style sweater jacket she used in her Dollshe-faceup pictures, and felt all thrilled because I had A Piece of Avvelenato. Little did I know . . .

It is perfection. I changed him out of the schlumpy sweater he was wearing (incidentally, the first doll item I ever bought - not that he's been wearing it all these years but it's a favorite) and into this one. It truly was made for him. A more elegant chap would be sensible and wear it over a shirt, but Orien is very lazy and slack in these matters. Plus he's proud of his collarbones, methinks.

That Hyper Afternoon is the doll story that I tell all wonder-eyed and breathless, and my friends are like, "K. Neat."

It bums me out when brilliant folks leave the hobby for whatever reason. I looked for Nideru a little while ago and she seems to only sew for little teddy bears now. Mope. I loved her dresses.

Oh wow Congratulations!!

He fits perfectly with you ^-^

Thank you!!! I think he will slide right in and feel like he's always been part of the family!

Wow, congratulations! O: Dang, Avvelenato sure takes me back, she's been gone for so long! I hope you'll take pictures and spam us when he arrives! ;)

I will summon up all my camera mojo!!! Yeah, doesn't it seem strange to have been in this hobby long enough to know and still value names that hardly anybody seems to recognize anymore?

Yeah, I'm looking at the name with worshipful awe, and many newer people would say "Who?"

Congratulations -- he's amazing, and I hope he brings you much joy!! (And, holy cats -- nice to get a bargain like that!)



Isn't it funny, to be one of the old-timers who hyperventilates at the sound of now-historical names? It's not like it was THAT long ago we all discovered BJDs, sheesh!

Congrats!!! He is gorgeous

I am soooooooooo lucky . . . or else I have no compunctions about throwing money around whether I ought to be spending it or not . . .

Eh, they both work. ;-)

BIG congrats...i spent an amazing kool price on my Lucas in the past too...very lucky

I'm sure you were doing the new doll dance haha

I'm still doing the new doll dance!!! And yup, I've been crazy-lucky in the Lucas department: I got both my Lucas and my Chris for a song, and then there was the HeavyBomb F28 who's living with nikittin now. They help to balance out the dolls I've paid through the nose for, heh.

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