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A little burst of project-finishing energy
. . . still waiting for shipping info on the Avvelenato Lucas, so. I'm keeping my hands busy with finishing up some dormant knitting projects, and my mind busy with watching Kenneth Branagh's Wallander series on DVD (good stuff, and visually stunning). One week to go before the official beginning of the academic-year contract. I'll need to get serious about handout-revision and syllabus-tweaking over the weekend, but sufficient unto the weekend is the work thereof.

These dresses are both slimmer-60cm size, and they're both in the shop: http://www.squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com Many thanks to the lovely Kore Arabin (CH St. Mina) and Sully (CH Unique Sully) for contributing their modeling chops. ;-)

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*falls over*


Where have you been hiding this beauty?? She's exquisite!!

The dress really suits her, too -- is she a Choa, or is Sully a different-but-related mold?


Ohhhhhhhh, I snagged her on eBay . . . hmm, about a year ago now? Maybe a little more? She's fullset default (and her default stuff is Chinese-opera unbelievable), but around here she's latched onto these gray ED eyes and the auburn mohair wig, and she is STYLIN'.

I don't think she's quite a Choa--her mouth is different--though she might have started as one before the CH artists got down to experimenting. As best I can tell, she is just herself, and from VERY early in CH's development. Mad love!!

I'd love to see her Chinese-opera gear sometime!

Just had to come back and ogle her some more . . . dammit, why do we live so far apart?? ;)


(Deleted comment)
This is THAT pattern . . . with my usual tweaks. How goes your ruffly-skirt/fitted upper section experiment, hmmmm????

(Deleted comment)
Hey, ruching is also a fashion statement! :-) And as for smoothness, a quick press with a steam iron before seaming and then a good washing and blocking after the thing is done are miraculous--knitting always looks lumpy and unsure of itself until it's blocked.

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