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'Tis the last (two) days of summer

Back to the office on Wednesday of this week, classes begin the following Wednesday. I intend to do as little as is humanly possible for the next 48 hours. ;-)

I was really sad when Dollstown decided to discontinue the 15yrs boy body--it's one of my favorites, and I'd always wanted one more DT boy to keep Kit company. Especially since Kit managed to scare away every DT girl I tried to add to the crew. In the past year or so, I'd found myself spending an unusual amount of time mooning over the pictures in Dollstown's Daisy boy gallery (or "gallary," as DT charmingly Engrishes it).

So, well, having no idea that a Nori or a Kitten or an Avvelenato Lucas (still no sign of him or seller communication, by the by, but that's a rant for another time) might be in my credit card's future, I put in an order for a Daisy boy head and the 15 body during that final order period in May.

His head is already in the faceup artist's hands, but he has so much spark, even blank, that I can't resist . . .

I think his name might be Court, unless the Lucas snatches that one out from under him.

In other musings, GO TEAM INTELLIGENCE! How amazing is it that we are getting nearly real-time LIVE IMAGES from Mars? Makes me proud to be human, it does.
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