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Is. Here.
The Avvelenato Lucas landed yesterday . . . we're still negotiating his look and even his name (not the most forthcoming guy, this one, but he has reasons for being a little cool and distant right now--see travel pic behind the cut). But he is stunning, and so very different from Trouble and Snip, the Lucas and Chris in situ.

Buuuuuuuuut peek behind the cut to see what some people think is adequate BJD packing for shipment. I'm glad the odds are against this particular person's having any more dolls that I'm likely to want, because I think I'm pushing my luck to have received now two dolls from her without any noticeable damage.

As was the case with Giuliano, the tattooed Heath, there was fabulous padding between the shipper and the inner box, but when I removed the lid and top pillow of the inner box, this is what I saw:

Yyyyyyyyyyeah. I was so shocked that I grabbed the camera to take a picture before I even picked up the head to see whether it had gotten dinged in transit. There is a tiny, tiny rub under the chin, but it might be old instead of new--I really can't tell, and it isn't worth fussing over anyway.

But, just for the record (and yes, I've said this to the seller--twice now--along with PMming her that picture this time), this is NOT an appropriate way to pack a doll for shipping.

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*facepalm* Some people never learn! Yikes!

Anyway, he's safe now and lookin' gorgeous! What a rare treasure. <3

I will be fascinated to see whether I actually get a reply to my PM. Yikes, indeed!!!

He gets more gorgeous by the hour . . . I think I'm homing in on the look he wants, but he be kinda fussy.

Amazing no broken fingers either. I don't understand because if it's the seller who I remember then they seemed to be really good with their dolls back when. But then things and circumstances change and sometimes things happen with people that we don't know about. Not that I know if any thing has happened to that person.

It's sad though that they can't at least wrap some bubble wrap around the body and then a piece or two around the head. It doesn't cost that much and it's hard to do.

I hope my comment made sense. Good to see he arrived without taking damage.

Oh, you're making total sense~

. . . when Giuliano (the tattooed Heath) arrived, at least his head was attached to his body, but this rolling-head thing was a new low. According to the seller, her mother packed and shipped Giuliano for her, but she assured me that she would be packing this latest guy herself, and it would be done properly.

Um, not so much, eh?

Opps I meant it's not hard to do to wrap a doll in bubble wrap.

Guess she had her mother do this one too? I don't get it either because one dispute can mess up things for good. But then if she is getting out of owning bjds maybe she doesn't care. That is sad.

Has anyone said anything on DoA? I'm trying to remember if you said you were going to leave feedback about it the last time.

She doesn't even HAVE a feedback thread, or at least none that I can find. I should have started one when I bought Giuliano . . . but I didn't quite know what to say. Now it would kinda feel like retaliation, when I don't honestly have anything to retaliate FOR. Argh.

I can't figure out whether she's actually getting out of BJDs or just thinning her collection a lot in order to raise some money. In the sales thread for this guy, she mentioned needing to put together money fast, so it could be a short-term thing instead of a complete pullout.

Maybe it's time to talk to a DoA mod since this seems to be a real problem and buyers need to know. It's even more so since she didn't make a feedback thread for herself. Given the number of dolls she has sold already the lack of a feedback thread makes it look like she really doesn't care. I personally don't think it looks like retaliation but as informing future buyers as to the quality of her shipping. But it's up to you and at least I'm glad you mentioned it here.

Enjoy your new boy, he is definitely nice!

Edited at 2012-08-07 11:37 pm (UTC)

Oooh, lucky the head did not get scratched ^^;;

Sooooo VERY lucky!!! Grrrrrrrr, silly people.

Aaiiiiighhhh!!! I would have SCREAMED to see THAT HEAD packaged like that, especially since you've already dealt with this seller once and talked to her about appropriate packing -- eeesh!

He's gorgeous, though, and I'm glad he arrived in good shape!



Oh, I definitely made a noise . . . though it started with F and went from there. ;-)

I bet she doesn't even reply to my PM, that's what I bet.

I'm so glad he seems to be alright!!! He is beautiful---what an amazing catch! Congrats, C---you lucky duck! :)))

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