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The Avvelenato Lucas landed yesterday . . . we're still negotiating his look and even his name (not the most forthcoming guy, this one, but he has reasons for being a little cool and distant right now--see travel pic behind the cut). But he is stunning, and so very different from Trouble and Snip, the Lucas and Chris in situ.

Buuuuuuuuut peek behind the cut to see what some people think is adequate BJD packing for shipment. I'm glad the odds are against this particular person's having any more dolls that I'm likely to want, because I think I'm pushing my luck to have received now two dolls from her without any noticeable damage.

As was the case with Giuliano, the tattooed Heath, there was fabulous padding between the shipper and the inner box, but when I removed the lid and top pillow of the inner box, this is what I saw:

Yyyyyyyyyyeah. I was so shocked that I grabbed the camera to take a picture before I even picked up the head to see whether it had gotten dinged in transit. There is a tiny, tiny rub under the chin, but it might be old instead of new--I really can't tell, and it isn't worth fussing over anyway.

But, just for the record (and yes, I've said this to the seller--twice now--along with PMming her that picture this time), this is NOT an appropriate way to pack a doll for shipping.
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