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What a difference a face makes
Sasha Blaze
So. The wig that makes Kanbei look (as tubbysnuggles pointed out) like Justin Guarini . . .

(which, if I may editorialize for a moment, horrifies me)

. . . turns out to look really quite, erm, acceptable on Sejong. Yeah. Acceptable. I think that's the word.

Unrelated question: Is Volume 9 the last one in the Saiyuki manga series? Or am I missing big chunks of plot between Saiyuki 9 and Saiyuki Reload 1? Help, kind stranger?

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ha ha haaaaaaaaaa it's kelly loves justin!! **squeeee**fangirl sign my butt please mr guarini!!! squeeeeeee

sejong = just... SEJONGGGG... he is SO haughty. geez. i love him!!

He can wear ANY wig, as long as it's weird. Go figure. ;-)

And eeeeek, American Idol cooties! Go away, go away, go away!!!!

I do love this wig.^^ I've been looking at it for some time...but, I have too many wigs. Really need to unload before I get any more.

Actually , I think both guys look great. Sejong really does have quite the build, doesn't he?

DollTi, ah, DollTi. THAT torso, and an angel crotch. I love me some cognitive dissonance, yes I do.

The wig is very cool; I had one in a reddish-brown color awhile back, but shoved it off on Sher. I like this lighter shade a lot better.

I got that Woo-Yan. I figured he'd be an angel crotch...all of Mink's dolls are I believe.

Whoa, and WHEEEEEEE!!!! I'm so glad you got him, because I'm dying to see owner pictures. (In DollTi's photos, he looks like D's younger and slightly less pissed-off brother.)

That wig is so very interesting. Who makes them?

Poshdolls! There's a black version on the Poshdolls website right now, and this ginger/blond color on eBay--other colors pop up from time to time.

I think these must be made out of rug yarn; I swear the fiber is the same as in the living-room carpet in the house I grew up in . . .

The wig looks much better on your boys...I shoulda just waited for you to do pics.

I can't comment on who Kanbei is supposed to look like since I don't know who that is. :P

Oh, ptooey--I think this wig is MUCH cuter on Adrien than on either of my guys. And it's so appalling on Pen that I won't even take a picture!

Whoa!!! That is one amazing wig!!! I think it looks great on both boys - so totally unusual!

I'm not sure whether to take blackmail pictures of Lyon wearing it . . . his dignity is really compromised with this kind of hair . . .

It IS good on Sejong, though. I can't quite warm up to it on Kanbei, but then the default Yukinojo wig is the only one I absolutely love on him. *sigh*

This one is too much fun! Next up: the avocado green wigs I have. Yes, two of them. ;-)

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