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Mmmmkay, a little more Avvelenato picspam!
I think we're getting there. His name may actually BE Avvelenato--I mean, why not? He doesn't seem to want to answer to anything else, that's for sure.

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And what a lovely boy he is. Congrats!

So very oldskool . . . what a piece of nostalgia this guy is for us all, huh? For all the amazing dolls that have come my way (*points at the Twinnies*), I NEVER thought I'd hold one of Avvelenato's faceups in my own two hands.

I can't get over how different he is from my Lucas 1st with the faceup by cifr. Will have to get some pictures this weekend, but they don't even look like brothers, much less identical twins!

He is so gorgeous :)
I love the name!

Ha! Well, I figure if he wants to wear his faceup artist's name like an ID badge . . . I won't stop him. ;-)

He's unusual and exotic, he needs an unusual name like that! :D
He's beautiful.

There is something VERY exotic about him, especially next to my other Lucas (who is open-faced and boyish)--this guy is much more sleek and mature and self-contained. How amazing are BJDs, huh?

(Deleted comment)
Oh, that is my favorite period of Dick Francis, too--and you are so right, that's exactly the vibe I get from this guy! Maybe not so much Sid Halley (though I always liked Halley), but some of the one-off heroes . . . Neil Griffin from Bonecrack, for example.

Hmm, maybe now I know which pile of books I want to put on my nightstand for bedtime reading as the semester starts. Haven't revisited Francis in ages, so it's high time.

He does have a lovely mature air about him. He is a very handsome boy with intelligent and deep thoughts... just my impression. :) I love seeing photos of your new boy! -love him~♥

Random comment -- I wanted to introduce you to a very lovely Flickr friend of mine who is also a connoisseur of early CustomHouse loveliness, Jane, because if you don't already know each other, you should!



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