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As the resin turns . . .
Wooooooooooow, has it really been three-years-and-some since I posted here?

Ack.  Ack.  Ack.

Well, here we are again, and greetings to any patient friends who are still hanging out on LJ!  I doubt that I'll be any more consistent about either posting or reading/responding than I ever was, but thanks to a timely nudge from rorekgwolfe, I thought I'd see what's shakin' in these parts.

Toshi and I are still puttering along through canine/human middle age pretty well, all things considered, and there have been some amazingly wonderful life developments since 2012.  Multiple trips to London!  Theatergoing and high-end restaurants!  LA Dolpa 2015!  Dollsdollsdollsdolls!  Dolls!

Now, if I would just get my lazy self in gear and take pictures of them, already.

Here's one of the recentish arrivals, courtesy of Y!J:  oldschool Customhouse Unique "hotelAfrica," who I don't think had ever had her clothes changed in the twelve-plus years between when she was originally sold and when she landed at my house.  I named her Jules, for July, the Hotel Africa manhwa character she was styled after.  This is her full default weirdness:  the purple eyes and whacked-out clothes are packed away now, but the little red wig is hers for keeps.

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CustomHouse Uniques! <3 Love 'em! She's a beautiful girl. :)

Lovely to hear from you, as always -- and Jules is darling!! :D


She is adorable! Nice to see the old Customhouse dolls. I'm bad like that, leaving outfits on for long periods of time.

Good to know you are doing okay and having fun.

CUSTOMHOUSE! Oh she is wonderful~

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