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As the resin turns . . .

Wooooooooooow, has it really been three-years-and-some since I posted here?

Ack.  Ack.  Ack.

Well, here we are again, and greetings to any patient friends who are still hanging out on LJ!  I doubt that I'll be any more consistent about either posting or reading/responding than I ever was, but thanks to a timely nudge from rorekgwolfe, I thought I'd see what's shakin' in these parts.

Toshi and I are still puttering along through canine/human middle age pretty well, all things considered, and there have been some amazingly wonderful life developments since 2012.  Multiple trips to London!  Theatergoing and high-end restaurants!  LA Dolpa 2015!  Dollsdollsdollsdolls!  Dolls!

Now, if I would just get my lazy self in gear and take pictures of them, already.

Here's one of the recentish arrivals, courtesy of Y!J:  oldschool Customhouse Unique "hotelAfrica," who I don't think had ever had her clothes changed in the twelve-plus years between when she was originally sold and when she landed at my house.  I named her Jules, for July, the Hotel Africa manhwa character she was styled after.  This is her full default weirdness:  the purple eyes and whacked-out clothes are packed away now, but the little red wig is hers for keeps.

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