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I'm famous! Sort of!
Just checking my Etsy shop stats this morning -- it's the best I can do for now, since the beginning of the semester means I haven't had time to knit OR photograph any of my pitifully-few new things to add to the shop.

Bo Bergemann favorited one of my sweaters.

Okay, it's not QUITE like, say, Oprah Winfrey favorited one of my sweaters, but come on -- an extremely popular and successful dollmaker who's all over the mainstream doll magazines has noticed my nearly-invisible little shop.

I feel famous, yep.  *gracious queen-wave to the populace*

In other news, it's raining oldschool resin, and this needs to stop, already.  Just since Christmas, a fullset default Western Madoka, a default Leona, and now a fullset default SwD Lucas have popped up on Y!J for absurdly low prices and insisted on extending my credit-card debt.  The SwD should be here sometime next week, mmmmHMMMMMM.  Here are the girls:

Dorothea didn't WANT to be a Taisho-era high-school girl.  Hitomiya eyes, Volks pinkbrown bob:

Celia CERTAINLY didn't want to wear the Luts facsimile of her default white curly wig that was flattened in the bottom of her box.  Silver eyes, Licht wig (yes, it amuses me to put a Licht wig on a Leona):

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Yay!!!! That is such a good feeling, when someone whose work you admire enjoys your own work <3

And congratulations on your new beauties!!


-- A <3

Woo! Bo is very nice. I've never had a conversation with her, but she had a booth near me at a couple shows and she was super sweet to everyone.

I miss you!! <3

Welcome to my Madoka world. I expect you will get a visit from Nikittin when you post your Lucas photos after he shows up. Really nice ladies you picked out! Lovely eye choices.

And fun about the sweater. Positive things are good.

The Licht wig on a Leona made me giggle. Not the wig itself but the /name/ ^^

Dorothea is beautiful.

(btw I came from rorekwolfe's entry. Always so happy to see other Old School dolls and doll people. ^^)

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