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Cultivate your OWN garden, !@#*#$^!@(#&%

I fully recognize that a big part of my reaction to this discussion thread on DoA is displaced election stress, but . . . it's all a continuum, really.

If I weren't such a moral coward, I would post what I really want to say. Since I am a moral coward, I'll post it here, which will get it off my mind enough to let me do other things like grading the mountain of papers I needed to hand back two weeks ago. So here's what I wrote and then deleted without posting:

Weeeeeeeeelllllll, my instinctive reaction, every time a thread like this is posted -- and there are MANY of them in DoA's history -- is "what business is it of yours?"

I find it intrusive when anyone passes judgment on, or demands that I justify, my personal decisions. I don't see a meaningful difference between "I'm bothered by other people's quick sales of their dolls so they need to tell me why they do that" and "I think a grown woman with dolls is creepy so you must have a psychological disorder" or "You must be a hoarder because you have more dolls than I think I would want." All three begin with the bedrock desire to force others into our own mold: "I wouldn't do what you're doing, therefore you must be wrong and you have to justify yourself."

Whether you were conscious of it or not, OP, your post is rooted in that ancient, lizard-brain desire to stamp out otherness. Why not be a complete human being instead, tend your own hobby, and stop worrying about what other people do with theirs?

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