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Sometimes when they say "the end of an era," it actually IS

So Tonner is discontinuing everything except the franchised/licensed character dolls, and is embarking on a completely new Thing with an SF-style name that already went straight out of my head.

I thought some time back that there wasn't much creative love being poured into the Tyler line or its various offshoots, or even the Wilde Imagination line, despite the fact that the prices were getting higher all the time. The move toward all fully-dressed dolls, with just a tiny handful of outfit-only choices (and those at eye-widening prices, too), seemed like a downshift to me . . . but I told myself that I was just not as interested in Tonner as I used to be, so naturally I wasn't seeing anything that grabbed me. I guess my instincts were right after all.

But it was the Tyler Wentworth line that turned me into a grownup doll collector, and paved the way for my beloved BJDs. It's a pity to see it end. I may not be adding Tylers and Sydneys to my collection regularly these days, but there are still a few I would pounce on if I saw them turn up for sale, and it's still fun to fiddle with the teeny shoes and separates when I have time to play. Plus, Tonners photograph like a dream -- I will always think that it's easier to make a Tonner look alive for the camera than any other kind of doll, BJDs included.

Ah, well. I did know these are weird times we live in.
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