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Sasha Blaze
Goodies from the Y!J Big Box:


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More where these came from . . . *happy jig*

Yowsa, I want some of that. *G*

I adore that white-ish coat. Very sensuous.

And the black kimono-thingy is really amazing, I love the color in the sleeve. Wow.

Isn't the white coat cool? It's linen and has unfinished edges at the cuff and hem. I need to fiddle with the black thong; I think I saved the auction pictures with ideas of how to wrap it. (I'm not very imaginative when it comes to rearranging clothes.)

That kimono set came with TWO outer kimonos in that fabric, this knee-length haori and a full-length one, PLUS a sleeveless underlayer in a different fabric. Here's a lousy picture of Kanbei, but a good one of the fabric--it's metallic embroidery on what feels like silk or a silk/rayon blend:

The fabric is wonderful, the embroidery is just exquisite. Just wow. Good lord I'm getting into fashion.

Who'd'a thought?

Adrien is jealous. Leeda is pawing the screen at Lyon again. You should know not to tease her...she bites!

Those are gorgeous outfits!

Hee! He's meditating . . . she wouldn't even make a dent in his consciousness right now. (Sorry, Leeda, honey!)

(Deleted comment)
I still haven't opened one of the kimono packages . . . saving it for a post-semester treat!

I love the fabrics! (Some of the most amazing fabrice are found in the the vintage kimonos.)

Your finds on Y!J are wonderful. I love the black kimono, I bet it vintage fabric. The white one is very unusual in style, collar and all. The fabric in the drape over the head is reminds me of the traditional fabric of Korea, in the weave. Is it a Flax/linen fabric....kind of stiff?

I would bet the black one is vintage fabric, too--as is the lining (equally pretty, but completely different)! The white coat is sort of a cross between--no, among--a Matrix-style duster, a kimono, and a soutane.

The drape is a scarf that I found at a discount store the other day, LOL: made in India, and it's definitely stiff. I'm guessing flax/rayon, because of the sheen. It crumples badly, and I doubt that it will iron well, but it's pretty!

sighhh.... teh pretties!!!!

The boys or their getups? ;-)

I really like this wig on Kanbei--it's the Heath default (bought it from kaorucamui on DoA). Finally, an alternative to his own default!

the black kimono has a perfectly scaled print on it. very beautiful.

As these things always are, it's even more beautiful in person--there's a "watered" pattern in the background that didn't show up in these pictures, and the sheen of the embroidery is gorgeous.

oooo I want a goodie box ... love the Kimono fabric

I have to take pictures of the lining, too--I LOVE the lining! It's a buff/soft gold color with a black pattern. Yummy.

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