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The White House comments phone line appears to be permanently closed.

Too bad, Mr. President. We still have paper and stamps.

This is going in the mail today. I know it won't accomplish anything, even if by some freak of fate it might actually be read by a human being. But there's some comfort in the act of writing, all the same. (a comfort serves in a whirlwind . . .)

Dear President Trump,

I have tried to phone the White House comments line to communicate this message to you, but the comments line seems to be permanently closed. Since I have read that you prefer to send your business correspondence on paper rather than by e-mail, I will hope that a letter can reach you, and that you will listen to the voice of one of the American people in this form.

I am a native-born citizen of the United States, and I am contacting the White House for the first time in my life. I feel compelled by my Catholic Christian faith, my reason, and my conscience to express the shock and disgust I feel at your arbitrary and unjust executive order, which has stranded in transit, without recourse or shelter, so many citizens of the seven countries you have now barred from entry into the US. These people include refugee families; students and researchers already admitted and enrolled by American universities; men and women who have worked for the US military abroad; and permanent residents of the US holding green cards, who are already contributing to the American economy and culture every day of their lives here. These people have already been vetted and granted visas. The refugees among them are sponsored and supported by American churches and other civic groups. There are Christians among them as well as Muslims and believers in other faiths. And, as I am sure you know, none of the acts of terrorism on US soil that we all deplore was committed by a citizen of any of the seven countries you have barred.

Your heavy-handed, misguided, and above all cruel action is unworthy of this country. It is a profoundly horrifying echo of the US treatment of the passengers on the vessel St. Louis in 1939, so many of whom were turned away from this country only to die in Hitler’s extermination camps. The fact that you signed this executive order on Holocaust Remembrance Day appalls me more than I have words to express.

Mr. Trump, I have been deeply disappointed by the vindictive, shallow, unreflective, and unpresidential demeanor you have displayed in public since your inauguration. My feeling about the executive order on refugees and immigrants, and its immediate effects on people who had already passed review and been granted visas to enter or re-enter the United States, goes beyond even that disappointment. For the sake of all of us who love this country and value its moral standing in the world, please look within yourself. Challenge yourself from this day forward to act and speak only on the basis of reason, respect for law and truth, and human decency. Please cancel this executive order and craft an immigration process that will be both legally and morally defensible.

Yours sincerely,

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