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A little head game for the non-BJD friends who I suspect are dropping by.
Sasha Blaze
A big goofy wave and shout-out to M., G., K., R., L., and anyone else who's foolish enough to wander past my cozy padded cell on the 'net.

This is the view from the foot of my bed right now:

What can I say? I think he's cute. And for anyone who's creeped out by doll eyes looking at them . . . look, guys, no doll eyes here!

Okay, I'm going to take more antibiotics now. Sinus infection = dead brain cells, quite obviously.
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That picture deserves a big thank you! It made my day! What luck of mine to wander by your journal today, I was curious about you since I see you post on so many mutual friends' journals.

Hi and welcome--we aim to amuse, around here!

Exactly how I prefer my men.....naked and unable to speak.

*snerk* Well, faces do have their advantages, but . . . mmmyeah, I hear ya.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I love it, the strong and silent guy at the end of the bed. *G*

Sorry bout the sinuses, hope you get better soon. Mine are giving me trouble, but not really bad yet.

I always have one of the guys sitting there, more or less at random, but this has made me laugh and laugh and laaaaaaaaugh--he's staying there until I pack him up to go for the royal thelyn treatment.

This sinus infection has come out of nowhere, blam. I always have hacky-sneezy-coughy springs, but usually I don't get sick, to say sick. *whine* *moan*

yeah. I"m telling you, if YOU don't start a thread in bjd pic requests, *I* will!!!!

"pictures most likely to freak out a non bjd person"


I DID! And nobody paid a damn bit of attention, the last I looked. *whine* *sniffle*


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