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Claudine's fantasy life . . . REVEALED!
Sasha Blaze
If you were to hear the dialogue in Claudine's head, it would be really, really bad. Like, No, no, Lord Eversham! You mustn't! I am an innocent governess, reared strictly in a Belgian convent! With many coy euphemisms for body parts during the interesting bits.

But I have better taste than Claudine does.

Lorenzo da Ponte, libretto to Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Don Giovanni:
La ci darem la mano,
La mi dirai di si.
Vedi, non e lontano!
Partiam, ben mio, da qui.

Zerlina, the pretty village coquette:
Vorrei, e non vorrei.
Mi trema un poco il cor.
Felice e ver', sarei,
Ma puo burlarmi ancor.

Don Giovanni:
Vieni, mio bel diletto!

Mi fa pieta Masetto.

Don Giovanni:
Io cangero tua sorte.

Presto non son piu forte.

Don Giovanni:


Andiam . . .
Andiam, andiam, mio bene,
A ristorar le pene
D'un innocente amor.

Volks Anais outfit courtesy of glass_mountain. Kanbei's splendid cheongsam by aznbutterfly. Claudine's interior life is entirely the responsibility of the management.
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This made my evening. :D

Though I'd kill to see Claudine's dialogue. xD

Hee! I tried, but I was just too tired to write it. Another time, though--because Claudine has all kinds of exotic costumes, and I'm sure this won't be her last fantasy about Kanbei-sama.

Ohhhh, those are wonderful shots!
So soft and lovely, you can feel the tender emotions.

I'm a little surprised by how good they look together! Claudine's Sia melonhead is odd-looking with the others (well, except for Pen, and that would be--to quote Claudine--just ewwwwwww). But Kanbei is beefy enough to balance her nicely, despite the difference in head proportions.

Gorgeous! Kanbei is sooooo handsome!

Claudine thinks so, too. Heh.

yayy!!! awesome. love the finish on the first pics, it's so cool!! squealll!!

That "old photo" effect is totally spiffy! And it rescues badly-lit pictures like nobody's business.

In an anime claudine would be the girl going, "OHOHOHOHOHO!" behind her hand everytime she did something clever. XD She reminds me of Cherry from Saber Marionette J. X3 Augh~ I love her to bits!

OMG, wouldn't she just??!! Now, if she could only bend her elbow enough to hold that pose . . .

I've gotten them to.. but it's a matter of contorting yourself. You can pinch their elbow with one hand and take the photo, then carefully crop so that your hand is out of the picture. I can do it to the boys, but Viola's arm isn't that flexible. XD

Claudine's and Pen's aren't either--CH bodies are, well, CH bodies. Though they're still quite a bit more poseable than the 60cm Narin and Narae bodies, if you ask me (assuming that Viola's is like Etienne's, which it probably is).

So sweetly done.

The sepia tones just so fit the subject. Could Kanbei be any more good looking. I just don't think so.

It's the profile. I am mad about his profile.

Finally, a Real Man for Claudine! I am SO happy. I hadn't thought about the two of them together until tonight, but . . . it works, in its own goofy little junior-high-crush-on-college-boy way.

Dude! What is UP with these hawt SD16 boys hitting on these unsuspecting hawtness? I think it's in the molds or something. ;)

Naw, don't kid yourself . . . this is Miss Claudine's fantasy all the way. ;) Notice who's groping whom in that last picture?

I loved the photo's , so old fashioned..yummy! Claudine looks adorable in that white dress..but where is her hand going in that last pic?;)

Heee, hee, hee....don't we all have fantasies like that? ^^

I love Yuki, yup, that I do! (I'm so glad you got that dress from Jessica. I got one from Y!J and I love it!!)

Your photos are really wonderful, and I love the "story." ^^

Oh, no. Goodness me, no. Only Claudine has fantasies in this house.

(And if you believe that, I have some nice farmland at Hollywood & Vine to sell you.)

Doesn't she make a pretty Victorian girl? That Anais outfit is such a nice fit on her, too--I was thrilled, considering how hard CH girls can be to dress in other manufacturers' clothes. And oooo, yes, Yuki has that romance-novel stalwartness to go with the heroic profile . . . yum!

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