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Monsieur le Marquis vous attend dans le salon.
Sasha Blaze
Or, Lyon does a little postmodern 18th-century Asian fusion collage dressing. Paraiso wig, Tensiya jeans, A-Life Garden shirt, the metallic brocade haori from Y!J . . . what you can't see are the fabulously Mad Max boots he's wearing, but I take terrible full-length pictures.

I run out of words to say how much I treasure this doll, and how much sentimental value he has for me. In their own peculiar way, these are Mother's Day pictures.


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ummmmm, lovely, now I'm gonna go check on my boy, you got me missing him.

I love the shirt, plus everything else, and that wig,with the darker undertones...The last photo just lovely...

Awwwww, thanks!

I'm crazy about Paraiso's fur wigs--I bought two on Y!J, and this one from someone on DoA, and at this point I guess I'm on a quest to buy one in every possible color. And I've wanted an A-Life Garden shirt for ages! It will be showing up in *lots* of pictures, I'm sure . . .

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, Karin! He is very, very special to me.

sighh... he IS exquisite!!

he is so beautiful. i'm so glad you got him!!!

That's two of us! ^__^

But I'm disappointed . . . you didn't mention the groping.

A very sexy monsueir.

Crap my french and spelling sux.

It has been a LONG time since high school. I can't believe I had to look up how to conjugate attendre.

Yup, he's got teh smex going on, for sure. Next: M. le Marquis in the Bastille . . . er, birdcage.

Looking very romantic in that shirt/wig combo!
He's truly lovely.

I think he's staying in this outfit for quite a while. :-) I'm going to a doll show on Saturday . . . I had thought, oh, he's too floppy and awkward to handle, I'll take Claudine instead, but now I don't know. M. le Marquis might need to observe the commoners.

I don't have anything more to add since you showed him to me earlier...although you never answered the babysitting question... LOL.

He's faboo 24/7!

Hee! He would have a lot more fun spending a month with Leeda than spending a month in his bag in the closet, but . . . I don't want to distract her from, um, taking the young'un in hand.

Not to mention that she'll have Ullrich to keep her occupied, or is he fangs-off for everyone but Julia?

He's fangs-off. ^_^

Leeda has mellowed though...stop LAUGHING! She has!

That outfit is luscious. I would like to sit on his lap.

I hate to think that I've become one of the scary older women who have dirty thoughts about their BJDs, but . . . um, yeah.

Nice lap.

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