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Sasha Blaze
It can't decide whether to rain or shine here, my camera refuses to take the pictures I see in the viewfinder, and neither M. le Marquis (floppy bastard, TM thelyn) nor the birdcage seems to be in what you would call a cooperative mood, either.


Well, at least it's a fairly nice shot of the boots. The sepia effect will probably salvage this one. (Yikes, I need to dust the birdcage, don't I? The Bastille is insanitary.)

Yup, the sepia effect might be an improvement. Though not exactly 18th-century. But, then, neither are the boots. (The Bastille looks even more insanitary here, somehow.)

In utter screaming frustration, sedens resorts to the Abominable Flash. (The messy hair was too pretty to let pass.)


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I love that birdcage! I've been looking for a nice one forever that was reasonably priced and that looked cool. :)

Hey, I didn't get your email, BTW. :(

Yargh! Let me try resending it now and see what happens.

I really hope my laptop doesn't decide to croak on me--I wanted to nurse it along for another year so I could, like, get a Saint later this summer. Or a better camera. Or both.

mmm..yummy! I love that birdcage...wish i had the room for one...

This one does take up a lot of space. And it's resistant to having its picture taken, grrrrrr. (The ancient battle of Woman against Prop. ;)

You owe me rent on the Floppy Bastard™, LOL. (Just kidding!) LOVE the boots, btw. Wait until you see Ullrich's "Leisure Suit Larry" shoes. I made him wear them. rofl.

Going to post pics now.

Hey! I gave you credit!

How did you get the TM to show up as superscript???

*following you to your LJ, to see Ullrich in his thrift-shop shoes*

he looks hot no matter what. drool lyon drooollll

He's just in a mood today. Fair enough; so am I.

I think my French numbers need help! I never learned to count properly in French when I took it in high school (from the teacher with the Arkansas accent who taught Spanish and French in the same room at the same time, so if we weren't careful we learned something like un, dos, tres, quatre, cinq, seis, siete . . .)

that looks bloody awesome D:

M. le Marquis bows. As well as he can in that position, heh.

HAHAHA!! those jeans of his are super awesome! are those from tensiya? i hope they'll make some more in the future ;o; those jeans make any man sexy...would love to get a pair for chris (the human bf)

Ooooyeah, those are Tensiya jeans--I'm *so* lucky, because have them in both the (slightly) lighter and (slightly) darker colors. People will have to pry them from my cold dead hands. ;-) I love skinny jeans on BJD boys anyway--I just don't see the point of hiding those fabulous butts and legs in baggy trousers.

Ditto real-life boys, heh.

I really dig these! *makes note to self to upload birdcage pics for sedens*

I think the fourth shot would be very strong in b/w!

I cannot, for the life of me, find the b/w setting on my camera, but I can sepia the heck out of it. Will try this evening!

Yes, I want to see your birdcage pics!

I'm very fond of M. le Marquis' bored now expression in the first two.

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