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Prince of the Apocalypse, ver. Remix
Sasha Blaze
A fun but not especially looterrific morning was had by Etienne, me, and a non-resin friend at the Topeka doll show. Etienne got enough admiration and cries of Oh, is that one of those--those--what do you call them? From Japan? Shirley, come and look at this doll! to turn his head for good. (Even though we were asked once whether he was Harry Potter, and twice whether he was a girl.) Only one person took down his jeans to see his (rather underwhelming, I admit) equipment, but she had special permission.

The haul: a vintage wine goblet and a pair of tan ribbed socks, Hound size; an Eliza Doolittle hat, Sia size; and an Indian buffet lunch, human size.

When we came home, there was a package waiting in the mailbox:

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Awww man~~ I got into lawerence about 3pm, just got home at 7 here in manhattan. I was so sad to have missed the doll show! I missed Roxy LAST weekend too! NARRRRHARHAR. Glad you had a good time tho! :D

If you and Dave are still in Manhattan next May, we HAVE to make plans to meet in Topeka for the show. Even though there wasn't as good a selection of cool props as last year, it was still fun. Susan and Base Hedrick were there (Susan's the one who got to look down Etienne's pants, of course), and the Indian restaurant near the State Capitol building is really pretty good. Not as good as either of the Indian restaurants in Lawrence, but also not as far away.

Glad you're home safe and sound! (Sound? Everything okay healthwise??)

I keep meaning to go to it or the one in KC every year, and every year I'm always gone! ;~; Of COURSE Susan would have to see Etienne's package... I'd like to see someone try and stop her! XD

*snorfle* Aw, she DID ask first. And of all my big guys, Etienne would be the least likely to object, anyway. ^__^

Susan and I agreed that the SD16 package is also underwhelming. And lumpy, heh.

It was a hoot to learn that Susan and Leslie have been enabling people all over Kansas City. Jean Ann Ovel (one of the owners of Still Plays with Dolls in Overland Park) now has a Haute Hound and a Heath--though I gather they're still sitting in their boxes, poor devils.

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