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Volks USA is not speaking the English I know.

So, it's this way. Like you, I sent in the coupon for the Yukinojo tracksuit lottery. Like you, I received an e-mail this evening, saying that I had won the (possibly dubious and undoubtedly expensive) privilege of buying said Yukinojo tracksuit. Like yours, my e-mail explained multiple methods of paying for said Yukinojo tracksuit.

Only nowhere in the e-mail is the actual amount of the payment mentioned.

Or have I been struck blind by tiredness?

To change the subject without an adequate transition (the bane of freshman composition papers everywhere): the set of pictures behind the cut makes me remember a long-ago infatuation, and smile. My kind and dearly-loved friend G.--who, I suspect, has always seen through me much more clearly than he ever felt it necessary to say--will make the connection and, I hope, smile too.

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