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Volks USA is not speaking the English I know.
Sasha Blaze
So, it's this way. Like you, I sent in the coupon for the Yukinojo tracksuit lottery. Like you, I received an e-mail this evening, saying that I had won the (possibly dubious and undoubtedly expensive) privilege of buying said Yukinojo tracksuit. Like yours, my e-mail explained multiple methods of paying for said Yukinojo tracksuit.

Only nowhere in the e-mail is the actual amount of the payment mentioned.

Or have I been struck blind by tiredness?

To change the subject without an adequate transition (the bane of freshman composition papers everywhere): the set of pictures behind the cut makes me remember a long-ago infatuation, and smile. My kind and dearly-loved friend G.--who, I suspect, has always seen through me much more clearly than he ever felt it necessary to say--will make the connection and, I hope, smile too.


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was the price originally in the book on the ticket? or was this the lottery that happened once you purchased Yuki? Mercy might know the price, I think it was rather high, like at least $100?

oh hell, forget me, I'm just gonna look at the photos and say Yum! He just looks like a boy who needs someone to take advantage of him, lol!

There is definitely a tentative price listed on the info sheet that came with him (with instructions for entering the lottery), and mmmyeah, "high" is the word, but . . . is that the price with or without shipping? and how tentative is tentative? Yargh.
Someone on DoA got a follow-up e-mail with the payment amount; I didn't. So I just e-mailed VolksUSA to ask.

This may be more trouble than it's worth, considering that Kanbei isn't exactly a tracksuit kind of guy.

But anyway. The Real Boy lurking behind these pictures was more inclined to take advantage than to be taken advantage of, but--that was a long time ago, and in another country, and besides the wench is dead. ;-) It was just too funny to look at Lyon here and see the shadow of someone I once knew . . .

siggh.................... today is looking up... lyon eye candy FIRST THING...

gah i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwwww! Today could ONLY look up, after the past couple of weeks, right?

I'm kinda fond of him, myself. ;)

Ah, he's so...evocatively "hidden" if you gather my meaning...men in spectacles always seem to be, don't they?

Glad the memory is a good one, even if wistful.

Um...track suits and my boys? No. I didn't enter. Although the runners were tempting, tempting!

Ah, the wistfulness is more for my own 20-year-old self than for the memory; by now, the memory carries more irritated amusement with it than anything else.

Yes, yes, yes, to the "hidden"! I would say that women in spectacles are much the same--that's certainly one reason why I prefer my glasses to the contacts I wore for years. (Not to mention the pleasure of taking off the glasses and letting the world ease out of focus every now and then. Also, more practically, not having constant eye infections from the !*#*$& contacts.)

And, well, can I visualize Kanbei in a tracksuit? That's a big no. My eye was on the runners and the towel, and possibly the T-shirt, if it's nice and plain. But those pieces may not be worth (a) the trouble, or (b) the expense. Must ponder.

OMFG, he's so cute!

You got the SECOND email with the price o nthe track suit, right? ;)

Neeyooop. NO second email here (and I did check my all junk/spam folders). So I emailed Volks with a polite inquiry; we'll see whether I get an answer.

Cute. Yes. The human version was cute, too, in his day. ;)

I send you a copy of my second letter. They may have forgotten to copy you on it. Whoopsie. :)

T'ank you kindly, sweets!

How's Jude these days? :-)

He's not bad. I have a writers meeting this weekend and I'm finishing off my fantasy novel (hopefuly the last chapter of that one). Don't you ow me a letter? Hmm? ;)

Huh? I thought not . . . I kinda sideways answered the last one from memory . . . did I miss a buncha stuff?? *counting on fingers* Victorian sex. And, ummmm, Victorian sex. And then there was Victorian yaoi sex.

That's all *I* remember, anyhoo. ;-)

I'll tell you what I do owe you, though: scans of Victorian underwear! I honestly didn't forget--I just haven't had time to hook up the printer and reinstall the software. It would be easier to photocopy and send, if you'll send me your mailing address--

Leeda's getting that ^3^ happy face going again... And so do I! We love Lyon!

Awwwwwwww, fangs IN, Leeda honey. Even though that bit of exposed tummy IS pretty tempting.

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