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Black turtleneck obsession
Sasha Blaze
. . . as in, I have one. Handsome men in black turtlenecks. Ordinary-looking men in black turtlenecks. Black turtlenecks walking around by themselves, with no men inside them.

Therefore. Kanbei in black turtleneck = lurve.

Edited to add another variation on the theme: Pen, my darling Pen, pensive Pen, first among the lares and penates of my house. Old picture, weird light, crooked wig, but still one of my sentimental favorites.

And just for fun, Lyon in a black wig instead of a black turtleneck:


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Hello! You have been pimped, m'dear! I don't know i fyou'd like to friend me. I have a locked journal...but you are welcome to be friends with me.

Take a look at my website if you like.


You can ask Zag how I am...I don't bite...hard. :)

Wanna be friends? :)

Ooooo, yes, please-and-thank-you! All filters, 'kthnx?

Actually, batchix told me awhile back that I should e-mail or PM you about possibly sending you CH photos for magazine stories . . . which I promptly procrastinated about until it left my radar screen. Are you in need of any particular kinds of Gene/Jin, Sia, or Jupiter pictures?

(BTW, I'm Cynthia in FlintHills on DoA, though that may well be old news . . .)

Nice to meet you!

Oh, yes, I still need CH pictures. I will be working on a Custom House article soon, so please send me stuff.

Take a look at my FAQ:


That will give you all the details I need for you.


me: Oh yes, completely in agreement on the black turtleneck thing. Have you ever heard of Man from UNCLE? There was a chara in that old TV show that made turtleneck wearing a fine art. *sigh*

Your boys are gorgeous.

I'm now gonna go hunt for bjd turtlenecks.

Oh, God, that whole 1960s-1970s men's-turtleneck phase . . . love it, love it, love it.

Good luck finding simple basic BJD turtlenecks, because I've made myself nuts that way. It's amazingly hard to find them, or is that just me?I've snapped up every black one I came across, but in two years, that's only four of 'em. WTF? It seems like such an obvious thing for people/companies to make . . . it's almost worth learning to sew, just to corner the turtleneck market.

Hot hot hot!!! Black turtlenecks should be made illegal, unless said wearer is willing to address the affect the turtleneck is having on certain people...Case in point, my dentist with the shaved head, goatee, earrings and silk black turtleneck...uhuh.

My man is not the turtleneck wearing type - so it's good to have a doll that is!!!! Bwahahahaha! Where did you track down this rare gem of a shirt?

Nice to see Jun - even if it is an older pic...so many boys...

Shaved head . . . earrings . . . black turtleneck . . . *looking speculatively at Sejong D*

And this particular turtleneck came from Marcia/Simple Dreams Dolls (www.simpledreamsdolls.com). It was made for SD13 boys, but it's a perfect fit for the big guy (except that it's a tad short in the sleeves). I just checked Marcia's website, and she's only sewing on commission now, but it's worth e-mailing her to see whether she'd crank out some turtlenecks.

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