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Hello. My name is sedens. I am a kimonoholic.
Sasha Blaze
Despite the late afternoon glare (note to self: MUST get a camera that likes the same conditions I do), I can't resist sharing some preliminary pictures. This kimono set was made by amaeta, who posts on DoA. The outer fabric is a heavy dull satin: masculine, sophisticated, elegant. I think of this as the Hollywood Golden Age version of Japanese tradition.

I was too greedy for pictures to bother with hunting out the truly right wig (which I know I have somewhere), so Lyon is temporarily borrowing one of Etienne's furry friends from Narindoll. It'll do, pig.

And a blurryish digital omake (I like the pose, though):


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He looks very nice in it. I notice you put his glasses on...*snerk*. The kimono is loverly, but Lyon just makes it.

Well, um. We're all about the glasses around here. I'm embarrassed to say how many different pairs of silver-framed BJD glasses I've accumulated lately; these are Volks, but I think I like the smaller Leeke ones better on him.

Right now, though, with the short dark hair and green eyes, it's more Hakkai cosplay than Jin cosplay. I'm fickle, what can I say?

Oh! I like that one a lot! Nice and dark!

I was a tiny bit leery of the fabric, once I realized it was going to be satin, but . . . such lovely heavy matte satin, it is. I think it might look better with a richer-colored or -textured underlayer, or even a couple of them; I need to do some mixing and matching with the other kimono pieces I have.

The satin kimono is also going to look fabulous open, over skinny jeans or skinny black pants. And maybe the A-Life Garden shirt. Too much fun!

I love that kimono! I love the texture look on him!

I also love that poindexer look of the glasses on him. SO awesome. :)

These glasses are goofy on him . . . the Leeke SD size I have are lovely and realistic, but I liked the goofiness for a while. (These glasses are perfect for Pen, my Custom House Gene: I've wanted good glasses for him from the beginning, but never found quite the right ones. Yay.)

I *really* like this kimono. Amaeta can sew like a demon, and she has great taste in fabric, too. *happy dance*

That kimono rocks. Hopefully this weekend I'll dress Keahi in his new one - but I'm not sure I'll get him out of his sneakers.

Awwww, Keahi in a new kimono!!!! With sneakers! I'm going to die of the cute, right? I should make sure my will is up to date?

Or get the insulin ready. *g* First time I saw the post on doa there was another color available, but in the end I think the one we got is more Keahi.
Oh and then Kane has some smashing new duds as well.
And damn we had an mpreg at our house.....

I am such a tease. But hey I'm home for the holiday, so I'm gonna play with my dolls.

(You got mpreg? I have a sneaking fondness for mpreg. *eyeing your LJ for birth announcements*)


(Deleted comment)
I have SUCH a crush on the father in "Totoro"--he's so utterly adorable and sweet and trying-to-cope-with-everything-while-still-getting-the-essays-marked. *squish*

On the chance of being such a *me too* I only ever saw My Neighbor Totoro last month for the first time. I am such a huge fan of the father. Men like that only happen in cartoon adventures. And the tiny girl!!!

(Deleted comment)
Ooooo,I'm going to rearrange them that way for DoA--you're right, there IS a sequence here!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, Jlist!! Strange and wonderful Jlist. I've visited that site--I haven't ordered from them, but that's just laziness on my part. I hadn't been able to find the miniature food, though, wheeeee . . .

Me-toos are ALWAYS welcome hereabouts! I love both of the girls . . . and Totoro, and the catbus, and Daddy-san, and the sweetness/wistfulness of the whole family relationship and the mother's illness, and the neighbor boy with the crush, and . . . oh, well, let's face it, I love every single frame.

I'm a latecomer, too--I only saw Totoro for the first time this year, when TCM ran the Miyazaki festival on Thursday nights. But it immediately joined the short list of Books and Movies That Will Always Make Me Feel Better, No Matter What.

(Why won't this post where I want it? *kicks LJ*)

I love kimonos, too, and all the variations there of.
I also love the traditional daji, jogory, and durumagi of Korea.

Great kimono, and I think your photos are very good. I can see that fabric in a smoking jacket. you've got the glasses, now you need the pipe.^^

Hah, YES--one of those long skinny pipes that the guys smoke in samurai movies! *going to look at Y!J, just in case*

I've always wanted to live in the kind of house where there would be room to hang an antique kimono on the wall. Someday, someday . . . or maybe I'll rig up hangers for all the BJD-size ones, hey, there's a thought . . .

he's so handsome, and the fabric is so nice on his kimono. i like the wig on him. really good pics!

Aw, thank you, Paul! There are some lovely, lovely things out there for our preciouses, aren't there? Sometimes I spread out all my goodies and just marvel for a while . . .

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