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An excuse for more kimonoholism.
Sasha Blaze
Here's the wine goblet I found at the Topeka doll show--a little hefty for BJDs, but not so far off that it's unusable.


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Even though the light is wonky, I like the third one . . .

I do believe that's Heisey glass your goblet is made of.^^
My father-in-law was a glass freak....guess some had rubber off. ^0^

I love that fabric....it seems to shimmer, but it's the lights and darks in the pattern that give it that effect, I bet. Really great fabric.

I like all the photos, but the last one is best. I like that his hair is a bit mussed, and that he's leaning...just a bit. Reflective look to the face and pose...I love it. ^^

Oh, VERY cool--I was fantasizing that someone would look at the glass and say, "you know, that's X," but I didn't really believe it would happen! Will do some looking-up now . . .

And the fabric is shimmery--subtly so, but it's definitely a satin weave (as well as having the light/dark pattern going on).

He looks just a little happy-tipsy in that third picture, I think--almost smiling, slightly rumpled, and delicious. :-) I'm leaving for a monthlong seminar on Wednesday, and it will be painful to pack Lyon up and leave him in the closet for that long.

Heh - nice and contmeplative. You are, indeed, a kimonoholic. What - no saki sets????

Wouldn't I love to have a BJD-scale sake set? Oh, my. I covet Mercy's teakettle so, so much, too . . .

that's my loverboy!!!!!!!!!!

rawr........ i hope he's willing to share that wine...

Sadly, I think he's already killed that bottle (note third picture), but there's more where it came from. ^_^

Now that I know what I'm looking for, I'll keep my eyes open for more of these little cordial glasses. I suppose, if worse comes to worst, I can always use them myself . . . ;-)

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