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The Travel Diary of Shunshou the Mighty, Part One; or, "Ay, now I am in Arden, the more fool I"

Ah, yes. San Diego is indeed Paradise. Warm sunshine. Swaying palm trees. Lovely girls in skimpy clothing.

Unfortunately, SOME of us are trapped inside this boring dorm room while SOMEONE's human is attending a seminar on Japanese studies, and so SOME of us can only look out the window at all the beauty spread before us. Even after suffering through an endless trip all the way from Kansas, squished into a carryon bag and suffocated inside excessive amounts of bubble wrap, which one would THINK might entitle one to a little consideration, ne?

The human won't even share the Japanese beer she brought home from the grocery store this evening. She says I'm underage.

I am very, very bored.

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