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The Travel Diary of Shunshou the Mighty, Part One; or, "Ay, now I am in Arden, the more fool I"
Sasha Blaze

Ah, yes. San Diego is indeed Paradise. Warm sunshine. Swaying palm trees. Lovely girls in skimpy clothing.

Unfortunately, SOME of us are trapped inside this boring dorm room while SOMEONE's human is attending a seminar on Japanese studies, and so SOME of us can only look out the window at all the beauty spread before us. Even after suffering through an endless trip all the way from Kansas, squished into a carryon bag and suffocated inside excessive amounts of bubble wrap, which one would THINK might entitle one to a little consideration, ne?

The human won't even share the Japanese beer she brought home from the grocery store this evening. She says I'm underage.

I am very, very bored.

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Awwww~ You should come up to Manhattan when you get back. All the beachy bunny beauties have left, but we still have Japanese Beer. :3


--the management

(But we definitely need to get together later in the summer, after I'm home again!)

Are you in San Diego? That's only three hours from me? How long are you going to be in SD? Crap. Maybe if you are still down there, I can drive my butt down there!!!

I'm here for three more weeks--until the 24th--so, hey, see what happens! I had a distant dream of making the pilgrimage to VolksUSA, but I'm not sure whether I can work it out. What's public transportation like between San Diego and LA??

I still have hopes of being able to get Shunshou out and about for some fun pictures--I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of bringing him on a normal trip, but 3 1/2 weeks is a long time to be in one place, and I thought surely I'd have some time for propping him in a jacaranda tree or whatever. Maybe once the jet lag is over.

*ahem* He's just angling for attention because I'm having second thoughts about having brought him.

--the management

LOL the management's gonna be in big trouble. The resin may go on strike.

You're in San Diego? That is so close! Drop me a line if you plan to come up to LA, we can go spoil the kids at the Volks store :)

There's an organized trip for the whole seminar group to LA, but I'm still so jetlagged that I can't remember when it is, or whether there will be any free time that day or not . . . let me see how the second and third weekends pan out, though, because I would love to (a) get together, and (b) go to the Volks store!

Aren't you glad you brought him? ^_^ Shunshou the Mighty in the land of bikini babes...oh dear.

*snerk* Well, actually he was kind of a PITA to transport, and I certainly don't have the nerve to bring him out in public yet (if at all) . . . but it's still early days. He does make a darn cute bookend, however.


watch those hands, mister, watch those hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shunshou tells me to point out that there are three middle-aged women occupying this suite, plus he's too short to climb out of the window, so a guy's option part is sometimes his best friend.

Oh.....San Diego, lucky! ^^ As a kid I spent one month out of the year in La Jolla....I could use that now. ^^

Shunshou should tell you, with all due respect, that he needs that beer more than you do. Such an undignified way to travel....one would think he was the Count Dracul himself.

Oh, *please*--don't encourage him! That's all I need . . .

This is the first time I've ever visited San Diego; I'm looking forward to getting out and about this weekend (there's a Japanese cultural festival at the Buddhist temple on Sunday, and I think my suitemates and I may do Old Town tomorrow). On the other hand, we also got landed with a huge pile of reading for Monday's classes, so--

--well, Shunshou may get to enjoy that beer while the human works, after all. ;-)

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