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NOT the travel diary of Shunshou the Mighty.
Sasha Blaze
There was a Japanese cultural fair at the San Diego Buddhist Temple today. (Three cheers for the bus system here, by the way.) Very neighborhood-ish, relaxed, but also well-organized--like any good church bazaar. I love the genre.

However, most church bazaars I've been to don't include strawberry-filled mochi. I approve of strawberry-filled mochi.

The taiko drumming was a seriously impressive full-body experience, reverberating as it did off the temple building. The vibrations set off car alarms in the parking lot.

A bad picture of one of the other performing groups, taken more to capture the charm of the big BINGO sign on the balcony than anything else. Church bazaars are church bazaars are church bazaars, ne?

Tomorrow, the institute's classes get serious, and I have to make a decision about the kind of curriculum-development project I want to do during the next three weeks. Part of me is toying (heh, heh) with the idea of finding some Japanese literature that deals with dolls--I mean, it has to exist, right?--and putting together an Intro to Lit class unit with that serious stuff, cultural background, some of the interesting doll-related manga, and . . . well, bringing out Shunshou for the final project presentation here. Must think on't.

Why isn't there an LJ mood icon for "sunburned"?

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Looks like fun!

Ooo, I have to post to DoA! Crap. :(

It really, really was--it felt like getting out among real life, rather than just the tourist places and the university, you know? Kewl.

And I'll go along with any locations that works for anyone else. There IS a very nice sitting room here in the suite, so if worse comes to worst, we can always meet at SDSU. (There are lovely plantings for taking pictures, and a Bubble Tea shop right nearby, too.)

Looks like a mini-Kodo.^^
I love the Kodo, and was lucky enought to see them. ^^
Looks great, and I bet it was lots of fun.

Good food, too! The dancing was especially fun to watch--a few of the older ladies really had the graceful swaying (even in geta) and wrist movements under perfect control, while the younger girls were clomping around in running shoes.

I wish I hadn't been so constrained by suitcase space, because some of the ikebana arrangements in the silent auction were gorgeous (and going for cheeeeeeeeeeap, at that).

glad you had a good time. the project sounds interesting.

I have to do my preliminary presentation tomorrow, so we'll see how the idea goes over . . . wish me luck!!

yum, strawberry-filled mochi. damn wish the Buddist temple across the street was Japanese. It's Cambodian so haven't felt brave enough to check out their festivals

Awwwwww, it's a festival! Cambodian Buddhist or Irish Catholic or Greek Orthodox, it doesn't matter. They'll smile and sell you things--it's what festivals are for . . .

If it was me I would've just put "crispy" instead of a mood icon. LOL.

I owe you an email. Glad you are having a good time. ^_^

Hee! "Crispy" would certainly do. I would still like a crispy fox icon, though, just on general principles.

Oooh - you ARE having fun, girl! And the juxtoposition here is...so...American. Ya gotta love it!

I think that's a great idea for a class - and we do have a small-ish thread going on DoA at the mo' about Dolls in Literature - no one has posted any Eastern lit yet, though...

So many "dolls" in manga - I was surprised that no one began a list of those! Have you seen...uh...read, I mean...Absolute Boyfriend???? I see big tie-ins there for some of us and our resin beauties...hehehehe.

I adore Absolute Boyfriend! I just hope the second volume doesn't disappoint (as second volumes sometimes do).

Okay, help me out. Rozen Maiden, yes? And there's that somewhat creepy-sounding series of standalones umbrella-titled Doll, right? What else?

Hey, Dolls in Literature: The Tales of Hoffmann. Olympe is a life-size mechanical doll, if my memory is working.

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