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Herbaceous and reptilian.
Sasha Blaze
Random photos from the past couple of days' outings.

Turtles in the pool at Scripps Cottage, SDSU:

Agapanthus leaves and spiderwebs at the Cabrillo National Monument (just about all that it was possible to see in yesterday's dense fog and rain):

Japanese language class! Hashiba-sensei and Yamaga-sensei here, trying to pound basic phrases into twenty American heads of variable thickness:


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love the spiderwebs, with the waterdrops...

I was surprised that one turned out as well as it did--the webs were much prettier IRL, of course, but at least they do show up in the picture!

I'm taking Japanese, and it's driving me nuts, especailly having to write it. Reading is no joy either at this point. *sigh*
But, I don't give up easily.

Anu wants me to learn Korean.....who the heck is she kidding?? ^0^

It's a little frustrating, knowing that I'll only get these 13 lessons and then have to try to continue on my own . . . but better to have a bit of teaching than none, I guess!

I tried to memorize the Korean hangul last spring, but I didn't practice enough to make it stick. Too many languages, too late a start! ;-)

beautiful pictures! love the one with the web.

Thanks! I think I got lucky on that one. ;-)

heyyy lookit the TURTLES!! oh squee! turtle love!!

it looks like you are having an amazing time. YAY! i'm so happy! and just a TINY bit jealous too, lol.... more more more!!!

This really is a great course--I still can't believe I'm here, and doing everything, you know?

And aren't the turtles fabulous? There are about ten of them in the pool, sharing space with half a dozen koi. Lookit these guys posing for their picture:

Cool pics! Glad you are having such a good time. We miss you though! ^_^

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