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The travel diary of Shunshou the Mighty, Part 2
Sasha Blaze
I approve of San Diego, after all. There are many interesting people of my own kind here. Yesterday Trent and Dylan drove down from Los Angeles; they invited me to go to the beach and then to Balboa Park with them and their friends, and an extremely good time was had by all.

Our humans came along for transportation and of course for photography. I believe they ate lunch at some point, which involved a boring and hot stay in the car. All the girls were zipped up in their carrying bags. I would have organized this better if anyone had consulted me.

Me at Mission Beach:

Someday I intend to be as tall as Trent.

If I were as tall as Trent, I might have better luck with the ladies.

Wendy is very comfortable to snuggle with, however. (Nice legs, too.)

Me at Balboa Park:

Aaaaahhhhh, the end of a perfect day!

Cynthia says that I should thank doll_paparazzi for being so kind to us, and that I should say hello to Ms. Mercy's friends who made us so welcome. Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Mercy-san and friends!

(Pssst, Wendy, I've found a way to climb over the gate here at the dorm, so can you get down here on the train by yourself? We could be in Tijuana an hour or so after that . . .)

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Blimey! That would be cracking good! But me mum would be right mad at me! And I don't have any money for the bus. :(



>insert Teenage angst<

I'm glad to see that SOME Unoas have good sense. You listen to your mum, Wendy, there's a good girl. (Pay no attention to that Babbette, you hear?)

And Shunshou, that does it. You and your option part are getting packed up and mailed home tomorrow, so help me . . .

Aw!!! You're no fun! More emo tears. ;_______;

[It was great meeting you, Cynthia!! I wish I took more shots! I hope my friend winter_elf posts hers and the ones I took of your little guy. Very mad. The ones at Balboa came out, but I just didn't TAKE a lot. I was starting to take less pictures by then. WAH!

What movie did you end up seeing, BTW?

Kwaidan, which I hadn't seen before!!! So it was *almost* worth missing the BBQ . . . ;-)

It was such fun meeting you, and hanging with everybody--I was disappointed in most of my pictures too, but the process was great even if the results weren't. We will most definitely meet at VolksUSA one of these days--if not this trip, then another one. (Did you stop on your way home, and if so what cool stuff did you find?)

Yep, stopped briefly at Volks and bought a few outfits. ::sigh::

I will post my pictures probably today. I hope winter_elf posts the ones I did with her. She's a little pokey. :/

awww! Hey when will you be back in Kansas? We're meeting up in Wichita next saturday. :3

Not till the 24th :-( but have a great time!! Who all is going?

Me, LeAnne, and Roxy so far... not sure who else. Roxy's thinking of coming up the weekend of the 30th, maybe you could come up to manhattan then..? :3

Hey, that's an idea! See what happens and keep me posted, okay?

Oh my, making plans already, that boy's a quick worker. *g* Great pics what a nice location.

Keahi wants to grow up to be a Bermann as well.

Somehow I think Keahi's chances are better than Shunshou's . . .

There are so many nice locations here--and I'm just sick about it, because I broke my camera this afternoon. I was wrestling with a stuck memory card, and somehow I bent some of the connection pins, and, well, it works fine with no card, but of course there's no way to save any pictures without the card. I would bawl like a baby, but what good would that do?

On the other hand, I was planning to upgrade to a better camera later this year anyway. I'll just have to tough out the rest of the San Diego stay without one. *sniffle*

ARG!!! NOoooOOOoo! You didn't break your camera?!? WAH!

I can't BELIEVE I did this, but yeah. I managed to bend some of the pins at the bottom of the memory-card slot, and then when I tried to fix them I made it worse. I was in a pre-migraine state of dopey clumsiness on Sunday afternoon--I also dumped my dorm keys into the trash and lost the collar stud off my favorite shirt, plus I've been totally out of it all day today. But breaking the camera is like the all-time dumbest thing I've ever done in a migraine aura. *sigh*

Ahh! How much love is he?! His cords, by the way, are perfect.

"...which involved a boring and hot stay in the car." I totally thought that said "a boning" and was shockified.

Hee! You know, he IS a Unoa boy . . . "boning" is actually an, um, option. ;-)

Those cords are some of my favoritest things ever--they're made by Empire Designs for Tonner Matts, and they're utterly fabulous on the Wicked One.

"You and your option part..."

Should get sent to visit Auntie Lyn and Saiki! Lil B will straighten him right out! LOL

I love Shunshou!

*snerk* Come to think of it, his option part does need blushing. ;-)

I'm so jealous! I wanna come too!

Great photos and I'm so glad you were able to meet up. Looks like you had great fun. ^^

It WAS fun!!! And I wish you were close enough to come, too!

YAY!!! oh he got a LITTLE cuddle! gads how adorable is wendy... well we all knew she was adorable anyway...

much love for these pics!! awesome! gads trent is... TRENTTTT

He got an appropriately-sized cuddle, that's what he got. Maybe this will cure him of tackling girls twice his size . . .

Trent is utterly amazing in person. So is Dylan! *grabby hands*

I cracjked up " I would have organized this better if anyone had consulted me" !! Very funny!
He and Wendy are so cute together. Lucky Lucky

He's going to make me buy him a Unoa girl, I just know he is . . .

Awwwwwww, thanks, luv! He's sure he doesn't need it, but I say even minor Shinto kami need blessings too . . .

LOL, sorry it's just an expression. ^_^

"Bless" :P.

Hee! Oh, I know . . . I just can't resist lame jokes when they offer themselves. ^_^

great pictures, it looks like such a good time! i have the same custom house shirt for elliot my little junior.

I bought this shirt for my CH Jupiter, but it's just too "old" for him, if that makes sense--the paisley suits Shunshou really well, though.

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