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The travel diary of Shunshou the Mighty, Part 2

I approve of San Diego, after all. There are many interesting people of my own kind here. Yesterday Trent and Dylan drove down from Los Angeles; they invited me to go to the beach and then to Balboa Park with them and their friends, and an extremely good time was had by all.

Our humans came along for transportation and of course for photography. I believe they ate lunch at some point, which involved a boring and hot stay in the car. All the girls were zipped up in their carrying bags. I would have organized this better if anyone had consulted me.

Me at Mission Beach:

Someday I intend to be as tall as Trent.

If I were as tall as Trent, I might have better luck with the ladies.

Wendy is very comfortable to snuggle with, however. (Nice legs, too.)

Me at Balboa Park:

Aaaaahhhhh, the end of a perfect day!

Cynthia says that I should thank doll_paparazzi for being so kind to us, and that I should say hello to Ms. Mercy's friends who made us so welcome. Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Mercy-san and friends!

(Pssst, Wendy, I've found a way to climb over the gate here at the dorm, so can you get down here on the train by yourself? We could be in Tijuana an hour or so after that . . .)
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