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Home again, home again
Sasha Blaze
It is hot and humid in Kansas, as Kansas tends to be this time of year. But it is also green, which I find refreshing after the intense beauty and strangeness of Southern California.

Sleeping in my own bed again: good. Going back to work in the morning: not so good.

I learned so much in the past month. I had a wonderful time. I wish I could take a week to process the experience and find a way to organize all the parts of it in my mind, but life doesn't quite work that way.

Shunshou made his public debut at my final-project presentation on Friday, which was a quick overview of one of the three courses I've designed during the institute (this one looks at ghosts, dolls, replicants, and doppelgangers in English and Japanese literature). People cooed over him. Too funny!

Must unpack, do laundry, and hope to find some food in my bare cupboards.

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(Deleted comment)
I asked tons of questions (amusing the locals a lot, in the process), but . . . my word. SUCH different plants to look at. All those colors. The jacaranda trees, shedding their lilac flowers with such abandon, right next to Schiaparelli-pink bougainvillea. Finally, I understand why people can't imagine living anywhere except southern California.

I think this class will work pretty well, though I'm actually more excited about the other two ideas: a 3-week summer class on appropriations of the samurai in film and popular culture, and a full-semester class comparing the rise of the merchant/urban classes in England and Japan. That last one won't be nearly as thrilling to the students as it will be to me, I'm sure, but I do love the idea.

Welcome back! I didn't realize you were going for so long - and with only a day to decompress before diving back into the work world? Ugh.

That course sounds absolutely fascinating.

I've spent most of the week moping around feeling sickish, which is only to be expected--by today, though, I think I'm finally back on Central Daylight Time, and ready to acknowledge that I can't spend the rest of my life happily trotting to Japanese class every morning. I don't say I'm happy about that, but I'll manage.

Oh you made me incredibly jealous. Immersion education, can't beat it. Welcome home though, bet your harem is happy.

It was SO WONDERFUL. Exhausting, but wonderful.

The harem will be a lot happier once I replace my camera and can give them some photographic attention. Right now, they're acting a little rebellious: Lyon has gone floppy (i.e., floppier than usual), Kanbei's right shoulder joint is all wonky, and Pen looks even more dour and disapproving than he normally does. I haven't had the heart to get the others out of their nice safe boxes yet. Sejong will probably hurl his hands and feet across the room to express his bitter feelings about being left behind and shut up in his box for a month.

Hi Cynthia

I've mailed your book - it should be arriving in 4 - 6 working days. This is your tracking no. LC331138206AU.


Yay!! I'll let you know when it gets here--and congrats on snagging the big guy for El!

The lore is what really hooked me into this Asian Doll phenomenon. I loved reading about the characters Anu made into doll form, and the history, and everthing involved in the culture.

Some anime has alot of that, too.^^ As do some of the RPGs. If you read the lore, you know where some of the ideas come from...^^

Welcome back...^^

I've been reading deeper into the book on Japanese dolls that I bought (Alan Scott Pate, Ningyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll, and I'm both charmed and delighted to discover that one of the forms of 18th/19th-century dollmaking in Japan included jointing and sculpting that look a heck of a lot like a BJD. Low torso joint, knees that look like Unoa knees, extremely familiar boy bits . . . how cool is it that there's a local tradition/adaptation of articulation, as well as influence from European dollmaking?

And then there are bunraku puppets, of course.

Not to mention, as you say, the tales and the lore and the history. This could keep me happily occupied for a very long time--too bad I have to stop and, like, work for a living. (That said: lucky me, to be able to shoehorn this kind of thing into my work, at least here & there & sideways.)

It was great to meet you and Shunshou in person. Wendy is still pouting and wishing she ran off to Mexico with him.

Awwwwww, poor Wendy! If it's any comfort to her, I suspect that Shunshou is plotting something; I'm afraid it involves forgery, plum wine, and the transportation of a minor across state lines, and will have to be squashed before it goes too far.

It was a *blast* meeting you (and TrentTrentTrentTrent, plus of course Gorgeous Dylan, who's pretty close to enabling me into one of the After School Shiros)!

Woo-hoo! Get a Shiro, go to prison. Oh...wait...why did I just say that? ::looks around sheepishly::

You should get a Dylan...er Shiro...I LOVE him the best out of ALL the volks boy molds. I'd love to see what you do with him.

Well, see, I always thought Tsukasa would be The One For Me . . . I like his pointy little chin. And then there's the Saint problem (as in, I want one). But ooooo, Shiro in person--*longing sigh.* Still, I've bought SO many BJDs this year--I can't keep going on this binge!

Oh YES you can! :)

The Enabler

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