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Home again, home again

It is hot and humid in Kansas, as Kansas tends to be this time of year. But it is also green, which I find refreshing after the intense beauty and strangeness of Southern California.

Sleeping in my own bed again: good. Going back to work in the morning: not so good.

I learned so much in the past month. I had a wonderful time. I wish I could take a week to process the experience and find a way to organize all the parts of it in my mind, but life doesn't quite work that way.

Shunshou made his public debut at my final-project presentation on Friday, which was a quick overview of one of the three courses I've designed during the institute (this one looks at ghosts, dolls, replicants, and doppelgangers in English and Japanese literature). People cooed over him. Too funny!

Must unpack, do laundry, and hope to find some food in my bare cupboards.
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