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So, it seems that I can't write without a camera.
Sasha Blaze
How odd, considering that I've always thought of myself as a verbal person, not a visual one. This goes right back to kindergarten, when Sally Wallingford (tall, blonde, pretty, and enviably able to do everything I couldn't--not that my long-ago infant jealousy lingers, or anything) was "the one who could draw," and I was "the one who could read." But I've discovered this week that, in my current camera-less state of being, I can't think of anything to say here.

On the bright side, I'm planning to correct the camera problem tomorrow.

Let's see. Events of the week. Well, my Volks album arrived yesterday, just in time for me to spend most of the day lounging on the couch, recovering from a stomach bug (blasted wonky GI system, inherited from Dad's side of the family!). The set of assembly and faceup DVDs was a surprise, and a real treat. The big photograph book itself is sort of "meh" (though there are a few Yukinojo pictures that fill me with kindergarten-level envy), but the encyclopedia volume is very, very cool. And I registered to buy the "Joe's Dream Uniform," because oooooo, dress shoes for Kanbei! I was able to resist the tracksuit, but not this one.

My huge box of books, shipped from San Diego last week, still hasn't arrived. Did the mule break down going over the Rockies, or what?

And I have now tried four times to order an SA Saint from Luts, but no matter which browser or which computer I use, I can't get to the final order-confirmation screen. Somebody tell me there isn't a cosmic message in this, please.

Must take my car in for an oil change now.

Told you I didn't have anything to say!

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Ha! She was very nice, as I recall--just, you know. Tall. Blonde. Able to draw.

And TOMORRRRRRRRRROWWWW new camera, cross my heart! I read up on some possibilities last night, and I think I have the choice narrowed down to four cameras. Now we'll see what the camera store does to sway me one way or another.

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