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In lieu of new pictures from a new camera
Sasha Blaze
How about a couple of oldies-but-goodies? I don't think I've ever posted this picture of Claudine, but the white fur wig is cuter on her than I remembered:

And one of my favorite pictures of Pen, who is still dearest of all to me, even though I flirt outrageously with all the new boys:

Now I'm going to forage in the freezer for something to eat, and settle in for a nice evening with Y!J and the sixth Samurai 7 DVD. It's not so bad to be home, after all. (Despite the fact that it was 101 degrees here at 4:30 this afternoon, and it's still June.)

Edited to add: I finally figured out how to beat the Luts website, so SA Saint is now confirmed AND paid for! Oh, dear, the fluttery sensation of ordering a new BJD . . . there's nothing like it, is there? (The secret of success, by the way, is to choose the wire transfer/Paypal payment option instead of the alluring but defective credit-card-server option. It only took me four days to work that out. Go me.)

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There's nothing like a good looking CH boy. They are special! ^^
That's a great shot of Pen...Love the shirt.^^

Claudine is darling in her white wig, and red top.
101 where you are? We're finally having sun and it was a nice day.

Have fun with your DVDs....I'm hunting down a copy of Shinobi.

Indeed they are! celticgeekess and I have been trading pictures of limited and unique CH heartthrobs today. I do so wish I knew where a few of them wound up.

101. Aarrrrggghhh. What will August be like??

Shinobi? Tell me about Shinobi, kudasai--I don't know that one!

Aaah Shinobi...
I'm trying to find out more about the movie. It is a relatively new Japanese flic. It's supposed to have the choreography Crouching Tiger and Hero. The story is about two warring "ninja groups" .....from my poor Japanese, I get it's kind of like Romeo and Juliet or sorts. Let me find out more and I'll let you know...^^

Yesterday, I was looking up some old photos for a friend, and I think I found copies of all the early Anu/HB dolls. I can't believe I still have them....they were sent to me and I was sure I'd lost them to a crash. Yeah, for backed up data!!! I sent Paul a photo of his POC I'm sure he's never seen...^^ The Joy of all the wonderful photos....

Aaaaaahhhh, how exciting, to find those pictures! I used to spend hours mooning over the CH site, dreaming about Nang-gilima and Yeun-orang and all the other amazing dolls. Change is inevitable, and often good, but I hope all that CH history is preserved, and someday gets put together in a permanent form.

And I'll be very, very interested to hear more about Shinobi, as your research unfolds . . .

No, but that's GOOD! That means it's easy to find! (I just looked . . . it's on the various sites I order anime from, too.)

In a similar vein, I spent the better part of two hours researching the kamon used by samurai families, and was quite impressed with my mad kanji-deciphering skillz, only to discover that every RPGing teenager in the developed world already knows that the mon Jin wears in Samurai Champloo is almost identical to the one used by the Takeda family.

Talk about feeling OLD . . .

Life is so unfair....
I keep thinking if I just had a calculator when I was in college, things would have been so much easier. I used my trusty slide rule....^0^ Now that does date me.
These kids have notebooks... I would have given anything for something like that. As it was, I lived in the library stacks, with my thesaurus, and portable typewriter.

i LOVE that shot of pen. he is so gorgeous. claudine is just the most pert little thing EVER. adorable!!

yay pennnnnnnnnnnnn

I wish I could find another shirt I like as well as this one on him. My pictures of him get so repetitive, because I just love the way he looks in certain things.

Claudine says yes, she knows she's adorable, but thank you anyway. ^_^

Awfully sweet.

Keahi: :::waves at Claudine and Pen:::

:::Claudine and Pen wave back at Keahi and offer hugs:::

Though if he has any candy or particularly interesting toys, he should maybe put them out of reach first. Claudine tends to think that anything nice belongs to her.

Keahi: ::::puts Tuppy behind his back::::hugs back.

Yaaay for SA Saint!
Can't wait to see pics.
Awww, I love that shot of Pen. I remember the first pic I saw of him, I think you posted it to TSW last year....it's the one with the black background, and he has one hand raised, like he's doing a Samurai move.
After the initial "OMGZ what did I just DO?" with the Azreal Jun, I'm relieved Julian will be a CH boy again.....there is just something about those molds that tug at the heart.
And, Claudine does look sweet, as always.

OMG, the ninja wannabe picture of Pen! I love that one, too--it was one of my early dumb-luck experiments with the camera, LOL.

I always think Azrael has so many possibilities, in good hands; I'm *really* looking forward to seeing how Julian shapes up once he's with you! And I know the sinking feeling only too well, but . . . well, you know, it always goes away when you open the box.

There's a childbirth metaphor there that I refuse to explore. ;-)

Pen, Pen, PEN. He is delicious (and that shirt is too snazzy!)

OMG, SA Saint!!!!

Pen is My Best Boy, still and always. How I agonized over buying him--and now I blithely drop pots of money here and pots of money there, on this boy and that boy and, yup, gotta have that kimono set on Y!J, and, whoops, Karin's selling off her Masterpiece stock, and, hey, lookit the SA Saint! It's enough to give one pause, if one had the sense to meditate on it. Which clearly one doesn't.

But I am *mighty* excited about the new guy, and reason flies out the window when love peeks over the horizon, right? I've just realized, though, that the name I tentatively picked out for him (and got attached to, !@#*$&!) is "taken" by a fairly high-profile doll on DoA. So it's back to the kanji dictionary and the roster of Onin War generals for me.

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