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Decisions, decisions.
Sasha Blaze
Usually I'm not inclined to post a list of names for others to vote on, or ask for name suggestions--much less ask for suggestions on which doll to buy next.

That said, I'm seriously considering getting a second girl, one who would be "older" than Claudine, but who (unlike, say, Bella Auden or Ipsae Monahan) could wear at least some of the clothes I have now. And I need help.

I've grown to like the Rainman Sooah. I think. I'm trolling for other suggestions, though. A few boundaries, and then it's free-for-all time:

--I just don't care for Lishe, and that isn't going to change. Same with Soo, in all her incarnations. Basically, the only Delf who takes my eye is wicked old unavailable Elf Shiwoo. Sorry.

--Even though there are several of them around my house, I deeply dislike lower-waist/hip/abdomen joints, or whatever you call 'em. This is irrational, but there you have it. If it's possible to avoid the ugly things, I would like to do that. (Hence I'm considering a small-bust Sooah, with the two-part torso. That's an underbust joint, right? If not, then she's off the list in a heartbeat.)

--I want a pretty face (I know, I know . . . eye of the beholder) and a relatively "realistic" headmold, I think . . . one that will photograph well with Lyon and Kanbei and the impending samurai guys (artist-head and Saint). And I want a girl who will look good in kimono as well as Western clothes.

What do I think is pretty? Well, I think Rainman Soah is pretty--prettier than Sooah, really--but apparently she's no longer available except on the secondary market, and I kinda want a sure thing, you know? 60cm Narae is pretty, but I'm not happy with the way Etienne's body sits, or rather refuses to sit, so I'm reluctant to go in that direction. While I would like a relatively distinctive face, none of the Happydoll headmolds quite do it for me. Beyond that . . . ummmmm.

See, this is why I need help--BJD girls just don't stick with me!

--And I want to get all this for, say, $700 or ideally less than that, and without a wait of months and months and months.


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Hm... first of all, yes, sooah with small bust has the torso joint like claudine, so that answers 1 question. is soah really not avail anymore? I didn't think she was limited, that surprises me. I do see FS on DOA and prego even; if you decide you want one, you could post a WTB and see if anybody bites and has one you like.

What if you got another ch body (those are around) - still on the ch site, for that matter - with a diff head? I think claudine's face is what makes her appear young; I don't think the body itself looks immature, after all, i see 27 year old women with smaller breasts, so... it's just a thought, because boy that would be nifty from a sharing clothes point of view, and also, the bodies are reasonable which would leave you to get a spendier head and not feel like she cost you a jillion dollars.

You know what I'd do, I'd poke around in the bjd database, and also in the requests threads. there's a thread that I can't find this sec called sexy/sultry girls or something like that, and you can see lots there. I am liking danbi as a girl, but I dont' think you would; and let's face it, those rainman girls REALLY do look great with the dollshe boys. What about ryung? Or would that be weird for you cuz I have iliana? cuz ryung is gorgeous too, with the right faceup, and you CAN choose the small body now when you order, right?

Still, if you like soah... then set your sights on getting a soah. I tease you about not liking the girls, lol, just like you tease me about not liking the boys - but boy did I ever learn with paris, don't get a doll just to fill a hole, wait until you find one you really love that makes you really want her.

Too true . . . but then I'm prolly gonna be waiting forever, because, well, girl BJDS just don't do it for me.

I think I like the Sooah face better than Ryung, no offense to Iliana; I like the less heavy-lidded sculpt. And Soah, again, looks young to me, where Sooah definitely looks older. Is that just the faceup, though? Urgh.

Most of Claudine's clothes are too big for her anyway, so a slightly bigger body would be no problem. Now, a HUGE AMAZON body would be. ^_^

none taken, that's okay, lol... So think sooah looks older than soah. then again, boy faceups can change everything... i like sooah's mouth, it's neat.

well then let me ask you this - if you aren't in love, why do you want one? Won't she just sit, when you REALLY want to play with the boys? I wish I didn't fall in love so easily, sigh, I REALLY do feel like i have too many bjds and wish I were one of those folks who is happy with 2 or 3.

'Tis a good question. I just . . . hmmmm, I have this feeling that I want an older girl. I'm seeing clothes that I LOVE, but that wouldn't suit Claudine in a million years, both because of her body type and her round cute face.

Plus, jeez, it's not like I can possibly find too many more boys to fall for, right?

Um, right?

I wish I didn't fall in love so easily, either, though you know mine's on the boy side. Or else I wish there weren't so many inventive, interesting new BJD companies and sculptors coming along. DollTi, grrrrrrr! DollShe, *snarl*! I'm really grateful that none of the UniDoll boys is saying BUY ME on that particular frequency that I can't resist.

just playing devil's advocate! you know i'm all about getting you to the point where you're as bad as me. so I can say "oh yeah? well cynthia's got NINETEEN"... ^__^

small bust rainygirls don't stick their chest out like the large bust does.

I'm all for batchix' suggestion too - Lolly's narae is lovely, stands like a frippin' champion, and I just couldn't remember offhand if she had that joint or not - and of course I see she doesn't - and her body is LOVELY. You know what, if you do that, take some of claudine's slightly big clothes and see if they fit her narae - cuz Lolly told me that narae is actually pretty big. her boobs aren't huge but her back is broad, so she might be a little on the amazonian side, like my Ryung is - but like small bust elfdoll IS NOT. LeeANn said that everything she's ever bought for her lishe, is fitting her sooah.

I don't like the rainman girl body, she always looks like her back is arched so much. I'd suggest a Narae 60cm girl personally. She has a middle joint rather than an underwear joint like the narin does. She poses really really well. Is there a saturday you might be able to come up before I ship mine out? I should have a few more weekends with her before she goes.

CP girls also fit lots of different heads... they fit the SD girl heads pretty well. :3

There's no SD girl head that I particularly love, though. *sigh*

Really, the 60cm Narae isn't jointed like the Narin?? Heeeeyyyy . . . I need to go look at the body pictures on Catrina's website. Though I don't really want a twin for Etienne, either. (Next Saturday I have to go to Lawrence, so that's the wrong direction; maybe the next weekend or the one after?)

I think Sher's right: I'm suffering from a case of wantnewdollitis, but I don't have a focus for it. Sheesh.

What are you up to in Lawerence? I could meet you out there, I have some clothes to pawn off er trade in at ATC. You could bring the boys you want to match and see if you like them against my girls. I might be able to kidnap LeAnne to come too.

I have to visit some friends, and it will be pretty much an all-day thing. But what about the next Saturday, whatever it will be? I should be able to zip up to Manhattan for a couple of hours, as far as I can see now--

That sounds good! :3 It's a date.

I really think that Sooah is gorgeous, Cynthia.
If I was going to get an older, realistic doll, I would've bought her, no doubt (well, and had the funds :D). Or maybe a Nabee, but I lean so much towards Sooah. I wasn't too fond of Ryung or Soah, but I was just absolutely captivated by Sooah.

I tried so hard to like Narae, but there was something about her face that seemed off to me. Narin/Narae dolls are lovely and are made of gorgeous resin... But I haven't been so fond of the face as much as I have the body and body sculpt.

Sorry if I'm useless, but good luck to you in your search! I'll try to think of other realistic 60cm girls in the mean time. ^^

Well, Sooah IS captivating! Right now, the two leading contenders are definitely small-bust Sooah and the Unidoll UH-13. It's a start, anyway.

In the meantime, Claudine is glaring at me from her perch on the bookcase. I know what she's thinking: "I am a Limited. I am SPECIAL. I have lovely peachy resin. I can sit with my legs elegantly crossed. What's your problem, that I'm not enough girl BJD for you?"

Have you considered putting a male head on a female body? It can be tricky, but done. Like maybe the DIM Rain Real head on a Domuya Flex girl body... oh, I just sprained something thinking about it.

I gave up on even looking for a girl and decided the Chiwoo head was the girl head I wanted, and Elsie was born. It took me ages to fall for Anninka (Miyu) and gee, darn if I don't start dressing her in BOY clothes immediately. So I hear ya on the girl-doll front, that's the point I'm vaguely making.

I love Soah and didn't expect to hear she was suddenly hard to get. Eek. I can't tell you how many times I had her in my cart and took a walk around the house before clicking "buy." (And never clicked. Good thing, too, because Anninka Pinkapants showed up and danced me away.)

Good luck, but I agree with Tubbysnuggles: don't force it!

Yeah, I had it in my head that Soah would sorta always be available, but I guess not. The question is: how much of a difference is there, really, in the Soah and Sooah sculpts? My eye isn't good enough to tell, without having a comparison picture of the blank heads side by side.

"Anninka Pinkapants," hee! Even in boy clothes, she's never going to look like a boy . . .

Oh, and I meant to say that the Domuya Flexi body is VERY interesting, and it's certainly an idea . . . but my mind recoils at the very thought of doing that much frankendollying, even though both DIM Rain and DIM Persia would make lovely girls.

I'm a coward.

I just noticed her, too! She IS pretty, but . . large bust. Equals 3-part torso. Equals underwear joint (I like batchix's term). I'm feeling uber-picky, LOL!

Did you see the Jolly Plus heads? I rather like them. This girl is selling a Daisy head: http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73071 but if you get a head without a face up, you can always let me know and I'll come down or you can come up and I'll do one for you. :3 muahahah... just a chance to play with your boys. XD But if you're hung onto Soah, you can buy her from Rainman here: http://elfdoll.com/skin/elfdoll/goods/productView.php?goo_code=010100028595 You get your choice of bust plate too!

Okay, I am officially an eejit . . . I was thinking that one could only order Rainman's dolls from one of the US distributors. *thwapping self* There's lovely Soah! Although now that I look at her again, do I like Sooah's stronger coloring and latent bitchiness better???

I'll take another look at the Jolly Plus heads, too! I glanced at them once, but didn't pay that much attention.

This is much more fun than cleaning closets, which is what I should be doing!

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