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Decisions, decisions.
Sasha Blaze
Usually I'm not inclined to post a list of names for others to vote on, or ask for name suggestions--much less ask for suggestions on which doll to buy next.

That said, I'm seriously considering getting a second girl, one who would be "older" than Claudine, but who (unlike, say, Bella Auden or Ipsae Monahan) could wear at least some of the clothes I have now. And I need help.

I've grown to like the Rainman Sooah. I think. I'm trolling for other suggestions, though. A few boundaries, and then it's free-for-all time:

--I just don't care for Lishe, and that isn't going to change. Same with Soo, in all her incarnations. Basically, the only Delf who takes my eye is wicked old unavailable Elf Shiwoo. Sorry.

--Even though there are several of them around my house, I deeply dislike lower-waist/hip/abdomen joints, or whatever you call 'em. This is irrational, but there you have it. If it's possible to avoid the ugly things, I would like to do that. (Hence I'm considering a small-bust Sooah, with the two-part torso. That's an underbust joint, right? If not, then she's off the list in a heartbeat.)

--I want a pretty face (I know, I know . . . eye of the beholder) and a relatively "realistic" headmold, I think . . . one that will photograph well with Lyon and Kanbei and the impending samurai guys (artist-head and Saint). And I want a girl who will look good in kimono as well as Western clothes.

What do I think is pretty? Well, I think Rainman Soah is pretty--prettier than Sooah, really--but apparently she's no longer available except on the secondary market, and I kinda want a sure thing, you know? 60cm Narae is pretty, but I'm not happy with the way Etienne's body sits, or rather refuses to sit, so I'm reluctant to go in that direction. While I would like a relatively distinctive face, none of the Happydoll headmolds quite do it for me. Beyond that . . . ummmmm.

See, this is why I need help--BJD girls just don't stick with me!

--And I want to get all this for, say, $700 or ideally less than that, and without a wait of months and months and months.


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I don't like the rainman girl body, she always looks like her back is arched so much. I'd suggest a Narae 60cm girl personally. She has a middle joint rather than an underwear joint like the narin does. She poses really really well. Is there a saturday you might be able to come up before I ship mine out? I should have a few more weekends with her before she goes.

CP girls also fit lots of different heads... they fit the SD girl heads pretty well. :3

There's no SD girl head that I particularly love, though. *sigh*

Really, the 60cm Narae isn't jointed like the Narin?? Heeeeyyyy . . . I need to go look at the body pictures on Catrina's website. Though I don't really want a twin for Etienne, either. (Next Saturday I have to go to Lawrence, so that's the wrong direction; maybe the next weekend or the one after?)

I think Sher's right: I'm suffering from a case of wantnewdollitis, but I don't have a focus for it. Sheesh.

What are you up to in Lawerence? I could meet you out there, I have some clothes to pawn off er trade in at ATC. You could bring the boys you want to match and see if you like them against my girls. I might be able to kidnap LeAnne to come too.

I have to visit some friends, and it will be pretty much an all-day thing. But what about the next Saturday, whatever it will be? I should be able to zip up to Manhattan for a couple of hours, as far as I can see now--

That sounds good! :3 It's a date.

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