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No new camera yet, but -- doll shopping!
Sasha Blaze
Mmmmmkay. It's Sooah for the win; I like the Unidoll UH-13 a lot, but for the present purpose, Sooah seemed to be the best choice. So, sometime in August, she should be joining the household, and I just hope Claudine doesn't decide to bite.

I've also wandered back into the Sasha fold, after several months away, and finally have the blond Gregor that I secretly wanted when I was a little girl. (Bad eBay seller, no biscuit: poor Peter came at a good price, but with undisclosed stains and yellowed face. Nothing that I can't either clean or live with, but still.)

Fall classes start on August 16, which as far as I'm concerned is still high summer, NOT fall. I have so much work to do before then, and my motivation is virtually nil. Instead, I keep dreaming up new doll sweaters. Once I replace the camera, I will have pictures of Kanbei in his new bulky turtleneck (lovely autumnal rust/red/olive melange, in a mohair wannabe).

Another older picture that I keep forgetting to post: Pen in his national costume (Custom House outfit), though I admit the blond hair doesn't make him look very Korean.

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but... IT"S PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love this wig on him. PENNN...! jenna sends her love and lots of kisses. OOO!

lucky girl!!

Mmmmm, Jenna IS a lucky girl . . . me, I'm just extravagant. ;-)

Which Gregor? As you know I've got quite a few at home. These days they're all in cabinets...you know I never played with them. They are mainly pretty collectibles to me. I've sold probably half of what I owned, but kept the ones that just speak to me on some level. A couple of them were bin babies - no clothes in rough shape - those I kept with the LE's. *g* go figure.

He's a Blue Suit, with dark brown stringing (I need to look up exactly where that places him in the production run); he has really lovely face painting, with a lot of hand detailing in the eyes, so I'm not THAT ticked off about the problems.

When I was a kid, I pored endlessly over the booklet that came with my original Gregor Dark Denims, and fell crazy in love with the blond Gregor Pajamas. Why I never told my parents, I don't know, because they would certainly have given me one for Christmas or birthday, but he was my Sekrit Passion, and I named him Peter even back then. I bought the pajamas outfit last year, and now I finally have my blond boy in the jammies--even if he is partly a waif.

And the bin babies can be just as appealing as the perfect ones! It depends on the individual face, doesn't it?

Oh, I love this story!

A secret passion - in a child who somehow...kept it secret!!! Wow, so Jungian.

Thanks for sharing, hon!

Pen looks gorgeous - I love the outfit and the blonde wig is intriguing...

Girl decisions! Well, you certainly know your mind - but I can vouch for unidoll.com as being a superlative company with astonishing molds and first-class resin! The face-up on my Elf is the finest face-up here. Just beyond gorgeous.

WTH is up with these mid-August returns??? My kids go back that week too and it's just insane. Excuse me? THAT IS SUMMERTIME!!!!

Welcome back!!

And for some reason I just couldn't quite commit to any of the current Unidoll heads. (I'm drawn to a couple of the boys, but NO MORE BOYS until I get both Saint and Saiki home, and see what the entire crew looks like together.) I'm sure the day will come when a Unidoll speaks so loudly and compellingly to me that I must listen, but this wasn't the day. There's something about Sooah--both Soah and Sooah have niggled at me since their release, and now seemed to be The Time.

The official explanation here is that the start date for fall classes was moved back to accommodate a new break in mid-October. So the break is two days, but classes begin five full days earlier than last year. Looking-glass logic, if you ask me, but then no one did.

Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be back to my hermitage...

Yes, Sooah is a good match for you, too. Very exotic and so lovely when she's kept in her fragile...state. I don't like the tarted girls at all...

Yep, same explanation we got. Boo. No one consulted me, either. I want to be an Official Consultant - on all manner of things. I'll wear one of those head piece phones tethered to my back pocket and go about my life being consulted...

Pen is so yummy, i love that wig on him....

It's by far his best look; I try other wigs on him all the time, but they make him look "dolly" or starey-eyed or just plain weird. *sigh*

Yup....Aug. 16th is the time most schools on semesters start. Way too early!

I love this outfit that Pen has on! I keep Valentine in it most of the time.^^

I'm glad I bought this one, even though I don't use it nearly enough! I need to get some national-holiday pictures of Pen wearing this and Claudine wearing her lovely Rhea hanbok. (At least she looks good with black hair . . .)

beau has always wanted that outfit. your pic shows how nice it really is or is it your handsome pen making the outfit! love your background.

Thank you, Paul! I dithered and dithered about this outfit, but I'm glad I finally bought it. Beau would look wonderful in it--I hope there's one lurking somewhere in the CH storage room for him. :(

Someday I must post a picture of my universal background, to show the whole thing. It's a large painting (acrylic on canvas, four feet by five feet) that I bought when I was administrator of a college art department--a piece from a faculty member's solo show. There are so many subtle textures and colors in it that it's perfect for a photo background, but I suspect the artist would be horrified to know that it isn't being appreciated as a complete work, LOL. (No, really, I DO love it on its own terms! It just moonlights as a background, too.)

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