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No new camera yet, but -- doll shopping!

Mmmmmkay. It's Sooah for the win; I like the Unidoll UH-13 a lot, but for the present purpose, Sooah seemed to be the best choice. So, sometime in August, she should be joining the household, and I just hope Claudine doesn't decide to bite.

I've also wandered back into the Sasha fold, after several months away, and finally have the blond Gregor that I secretly wanted when I was a little girl. (Bad eBay seller, no biscuit: poor Peter came at a good price, but with undisclosed stains and yellowed face. Nothing that I can't either clean or live with, but still.)

Fall classes start on August 16, which as far as I'm concerned is still high summer, NOT fall. I have so much work to do before then, and my motivation is virtually nil. Instead, I keep dreaming up new doll sweaters. Once I replace the camera, I will have pictures of Kanbei in his new bulky turtleneck (lovely autumnal rust/red/olive melange, in a mohair wannabe).

Another older picture that I keep forgetting to post: Pen in his national costume (Custom House outfit), though I admit the blond hair doesn't make him look very Korean.

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