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Oo. Hey. Camera.
Sasha Blaze
More camera than I know what to do with, too. (Nikon D50, in case you're wondering.) Part of me is wishing I had just bought another little point-&-shoot that I would have completely understood, and not been half-afraid to touch . . .

. . . at which point all the real photographers among you can laugh and laugh and laugh, because I'm fully aware that the D50 is a long way from being intimidating, as DSLRs go.

First impressions: in low light, even without any incandescent, it overemphasizes warm tones; I'll have to learn how to compensate for that. I do wish it had image stabilization, because I inherited the shaky hands from Dad's side of the family. Still, that's what tripods are for.

That said, the D50 can do this at 8:30 in the evening, contending with a whole slew of obstacles: no tripod; no light except what's coming in my north-facing bedroom windows; and warm ochre paint on the walls to soak up what little light there is.

We're BACK! Yessssssss!!!!
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Eeee, thanks! I want your light and your eye, though . . .

Oooo, hellllOOO camera. Nice. That outfit is great and the colors against that background are so pretty, mellow.

I adore this outfit--it's from Didier/a la Mode de Margaud (he sells on eBay now and again; I knew his work from the fashion-doll universe). As with so many of my lucky eBay finds, this one was a "dud"--nobody wanted it except me.

Which reminds me: I'm still scratching my head over our mutual dadadoll black & blue outfit. I missed the first listing (the one you won); the second time, the outfit didn't get a single bid, and I didn't jump in time to catch the end of the auction. The third time--well, at least the third time--there was one other bidder but s/he wasn't very aggressive.

I wonder how many of this particular outfit dadadoll made?

That's quite a score, the Didier outfit - it's really fantastic.

I don't know how many of each outfit Dada makes, I know that they make lots of the ones with the spiderweb embroidery & top hat & tailcoat, do you know which one I mean? I know people with that outfit & there always seems to be at least one available on Yj. Honestly I'm glad they aren't OOAK or anything because I'd never be able to afford them!

Oh lovely. Glad you're back. And the ochre just makes it all so soft and golden. Ahhhh I like it lots.

Aw, thanks!! I could never take pictures in my bedroom before, because my old camera turned everything bright yellow. I kinda feel like I've just traded up from a Yugo to, well, maybe not a Jaguar, but certainly a Volvo.

Oooo...lovely shot! Glad you are back!

It is a little scary to have a camera that's THIS much smarter than I am, but I s'pose I'll get used to it. :-) Now, if things at work would just settle down so I'll have time to play . . .

i want to marry Lyon...

oh just...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to ask/write down/etc what kind leeann has again, too - she can take a picture anywhere without any special light and have it come out amazing.

can't wait to see more as you learn more about it! squeal!

Hee! TOLDJA you want a Hound. Buying the first boy is the hardest, and after that it's a slippery, slippery slope.

To be totally honest, this is the ONLY picture out of 60+ that came out really well, but if I had dragged out the tripod, my average would have been a lot higher. My prolonged dithering between the Canon Rebel and the D50 was because Canon has image stabilization, but all the reviews said that low light really is an issue (and that's been my experience with Canon cameras all along).

Now if I could just figure out how to attach the little 50mm portrait lens I bought. Time to enlist the help of the camera buffs in the department!

Yes, indeed! Congrats on the new rig = it will make loads of difference, I'm sure! If you're using PS, don't hesitate to ask for tips, etc!

These look nice! Glad to see you back in action!

I feel as if I'm masquerading as a true photography buff, with a DSLR slung around my neck, when I'm really not . . . I just want to take nice pictures of my dolls. The things we do for the resin, eh?

I'm not using PS (yet) in any real way--I want to learn to do everything I can with the camera itself first. But I will bug you early and often for many, many reasons, I'm sure. ^_^

WooHoo...What a gorgeous shot!
I'm thinking I need a new camera.... Infact this was my husband's litttle number and it's a 3MP. It's a nice camera, but...

I love this photo....^^

I work with a crowd of knowledgeable and skilled amateur photographers--and they've all been buying new cameras in the past few months, so I had plenty of advice. The consensus is that the Nikon D50 (or the Nikon D70 at a somewhat higher price point) is a great choice for the advanced-beginner/intermediate who's ready to step up from point-&-shoot, and learn more about how photography works. That, I guess, would be moi.

Of course, one of the guys bought a terrifyingly loaded 12MP high-end Canon DSLR, but the rest of us weren't quite ready for that price point. (We aren't taking our cameras on safari to do wildlife photography, either. Swings and roundabouts.) Our department secretary is also a Canon loyalist, and I would have said I was, too, but for the money I was more impressed with the reviews/owner feedback on the D50 than on a comparably-priced Canon DSLR.

Lots to learn. Lots and lots to learn.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks . . . that would be two of us. ;-)

You feeling any better, after your gardening exertions?

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