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Oo. Hey. Camera.

More camera than I know what to do with, too. (Nikon D50, in case you're wondering.) Part of me is wishing I had just bought another little point-&-shoot that I would have completely understood, and not been half-afraid to touch . . .

. . . at which point all the real photographers among you can laugh and laugh and laugh, because I'm fully aware that the D50 is a long way from being intimidating, as DSLRs go.

First impressions: in low light, even without any incandescent, it overemphasizes warm tones; I'll have to learn how to compensate for that. I do wish it had image stabilization, because I inherited the shaky hands from Dad's side of the family. Still, that's what tripods are for.

That said, the D50 can do this at 8:30 in the evening, contending with a whole slew of obstacles: no tripod; no light except what's coming in my north-facing bedroom windows; and warm ochre paint on the walls to soak up what little light there is.

We're BACK! Yessssssss!!!!
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