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Getting acquainted with the camera, or, brace yourselves for a ton of random doll pictures
Sasha Blaze
Kanbei in a sweater I finished last week--yes, it's 100+ degrees here. To quote keiki_boys's Kane, it's lucky resin doesn't sweat.

The sweater still looks too red, and obviously I need to get the tripod out, but this little f/1.8 portrait lens is going to be magic--I can tell already, even in this rough early stage of adjustment to the new equipment. I'm glad I listened to K. at the office, who waxed so enthusiastic about the lens that I decided to buy one.

Dear Pen, looking very good if I do say so myself, even if I did focus on his hands instead of his face:

Sejong gets in touch with his kitsune heritage (ummmm, what's the Korean word for fox?):

Oh yeah, I like the way this lens can focus on a face and blur out everything else. Now, if I can just get the camera steady enough:

And introducing Peter, my recent Sasha acquisition:

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ohhh jeez lookit your new jac.... eep..... might have to get me one of those now.....damn.

kanbei kanbei KANBEI!! and sejong is just too awesome. i'm SO glad you didn't let me talk you out of getting him, lol... he's awesome. NICE ABS THERE BUDDY. rawrrrrrrrrr

he'd be awesome with iliana. she'd be like... a foot taller than him, his face would go RIGHT into her boobs. he'd LOVE IT. lolll

Yeah, I hate to enable (ha!), but I think you want one of these Jacs . . . she's VERY pretty, and is going to be nice and versatile. I'll change her into that funny lime-green babydoll top and a miniskirt next. (I missed out on that cheap CPU Syd on eBay last night because I dithered, BTW. Off to Dazzling I go.)

My money is definitely on Sejong in the Sooah Courtship Stakes, LOL! And it will be so nice when I get to where I can take the same quality pictures with the fancy new camera that I took with the little idiot's version, *sigh*.

Man~ Sejong looks good just like that! :O

I am always amazed at how good he looks in almost any wig I put on him. I really like this combo of the Souldoll P40 eyes and the foxy-red fur wig--he's going to stay this way for a while, I think. And your pants are the only thing he's wearing these days, LOL . . .

You feeling any better, after the headache? I'm grouchy beyond belief today--not fit company for man, beast, or devil, as somebody should have said but probably didn't. ;-)

Those are really nice!

And I LOVE that sweater! ::grabby hands::

Thanks!!! I was happy with the way the sweater came out . . . and just hang on, because I have four or five different ideas I want to knit up and then maybe offer for sale when the weather cools off a bit and people are in a sweater mood. It takes so blasted long to knit one of the little devils, though!

The Korean word for fox is "Sejong," kay?


Also, dude, you're a knitmaster. Beautiful job on that sweater.

Hee! He is SO going to win the Sooah Sweepstakes, you know? The bigger guys don't stand a chance.

And *blush,* but these are really the most gut-simple little sweaters in the universe--just a bit time-consuming. I finally came up with a reasonably tidy way to make a back-neck closure when knitting in the round, so I am a happy woman. Current sweater in progress: thick (well, thick for BJDs) cream yarn with brown/black/gray flecks. I think it's going to have an Icelandic-style yoke pattern, picking up the colors of the flecks. Of course, I'll have to get off the computer in order to knit it, which is something of a problem . . .

Love the sweater ... can't wait for my favorite season to arrive. This HHH has got to go and its only July ....
Sejong is just so confident and handsome.

oo a Sasha! He is so cute ... love his robe and Babar like elephant

It's unbearable here--summer in Kansas does get this way every few years, but . . . the forecast is for 100-degree temperatures EVERY DAY this week.

That's the Ann Estelle "Elefun," and it's SO cute--so is the "Mr. Rabbit." They're knockoffs of Babar and Peter Rabbit, but I'm not reporting Tonner Co. if you aren't. ;-) They're absolutely perfect for Sashas.

Okay that Gregor is a fine little boy. I must photograph mine, you made me decide.

I adore the sweater!

Sejong just rocks doesn't he. I'm still searching for new eyes for Dance. At the moment he's decided to be bald. So it's interesting. I do need to find him some shorts.

The world needs more Sasha photography! They make great subjects, because the asymmetrical legs let them fall into the nicest poses. I think I'd better send this guy off to be restrung, though, because his head/body stringing is WAY too tight, and I suspect his neck is starting to cave a little from the tension. *sigh* Doll upkeep, what a pain.

Undershorts, or wear-to-the-beach shorts? I have an extra pair of navy/white plaid boxers from mimiwoo that I never seem to use--erm, they might not be Dance's style, exactly, though . . .


Heh! You're really getting the hang of that rig quickly - these look great and it is SO wonderful to see some of your crew again! Sejong - rowr!

I'm with B - you're the knitting Queen. Uh-huh.

Rrrrrrrrrr . . . you're too kind, because they're almost all nasty and blurry, eeergh. They look like the very first pictures I took with the point-and-shoot two years ago--I just hope my learning curve is a little shorter this time!

I really must make myself knit more and surf online less. For one thing, I would buy a lot less stuff, and for another, I could actually try out all these sweater ideas that drift through my mind. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
I just tried that sweater on Sejong, and aside from the size, it really does work! I had put him in a fitted ribbed turtleneck awhile back, and he looked perfectly silly--but that was a combo of the color (navy blue = not for him) and the fitted body. The hourglass D torso doesn't work with a lot of clothes. But he will need his own version of the big red sweater, yes sirree.

Oh, yeah, he MUST have a fox's tail!! I have a Paraiso fur wig with a detachable ponytail; I wonder if that would be close to the right color? Time for an experiment . . . and I'm with you, I had never thought of him with an animal avatar, but this wig with the P40 eyes absolutely brought out the fox in him.

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(Deleted comment)
First, you have incredible knitting skills, I die of envy.

Second, I covet Sejong madly......I so wish I had bid on the Moo on eBay, or another D, because I tend to see dolls separately from my others, so his "height challenged" status wouldn't matter a whit here.

That all said, and I am wordy tonight, I have to show my love for Pen, who is ever the lovely, and your new Peter is adorable!
I remember the "good old days" when the Gotz outlet was nearby in Baldwinsville, NY and I could see Sashas when I visited. I had a serious crush on one of the girls, but never bought her, and although all my Gotz dolls are gone now, I do miss them when I see pics.

Pshaw, this is EASY knitting, I promise! Me, I think crocheting is hard--I've never been able to get the hang of it.

I have to think that DollTi will come up with more fabulous boys; they're on such a roll with D and Moo and Woo that I can't imagine they (=Mink?) will quit now. I'm so glad that I hung in there and got Sejong, because he does make me very, very happy (and in a completely different way from any of the other dolls)--and he is even more beautiful in person. His resin is by far the prettiest of any of my crew.

I would have been in hog heaven at a Gotz store when I was a kid--lucky you! I remember once being a very upscale toy store with my parents, when I was just past the cusp of being "too old for dolls," and seeing a floor-to-ceiling display of Trendon Sasha outfits. I wanted some so badly, but--silly me--I thought it was beneath my barely-teenaged dignity to say so.

Someone's been busy knitting.^^ Gorgeous yarn, and I love the sweater on Kanbei.

I have trouble getting some colours to work on my camera. I need to really use the full manual...as opposed to the automatic. My husband's camera does have a manual mode...(Though I'm thinking about getting a new one.)

This yarn--I'm almost ashamed to admit it--is Red Heart Symphony acrylic from Wal-Mart. I do have good yarn, but this one seemed to be just right for the job . . . and in fact it looks and feels much classier than its humble origin would predict.

This too-hot-reds thing is making me moderately crazy with the new camera. There must be a way to correct it, if I just sit down patiently and try one small increment of change at a time. I'm not feeling patient today, but there will be other days.

XD, DSLRs are awesome. I sometimes think they are BJDs and thus deserve a name. :P

Well, right now this one's name is "dammit, why do you keep making reds hotter than they really are?" But I'm sure we'll get past that . . . ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Isn't he a sweet Gregor? Despite the (undisclosed) problems he came with, he has exactly the face I always wanted in a blond boy--so it's worth the effort to clean up his stains and loosen his overtight stringing. Off to Kelly he goes . . .

Kanbei gets no less yummy as time passes! How is your Joe, and is he remaining "Joe" or insisting on another name?

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