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Getting acquainted with the camera, or, brace yourselves for a ton of random doll pictures
Sasha Blaze
Kanbei in a sweater I finished last week--yes, it's 100+ degrees here. To quote keiki_boys's Kane, it's lucky resin doesn't sweat.

The sweater still looks too red, and obviously I need to get the tripod out, but this little f/1.8 portrait lens is going to be magic--I can tell already, even in this rough early stage of adjustment to the new equipment. I'm glad I listened to K. at the office, who waxed so enthusiastic about the lens that I decided to buy one.

Dear Pen, looking very good if I do say so myself, even if I did focus on his hands instead of his face:

Sejong gets in touch with his kitsune heritage (ummmm, what's the Korean word for fox?):

Oh yeah, I like the way this lens can focus on a face and blur out everything else. Now, if I can just get the camera steady enough:

And introducing Peter, my recent Sasha acquisition:

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ohhh jeez lookit your new jac.... eep..... might have to get me one of those now.....damn.

kanbei kanbei KANBEI!! and sejong is just too awesome. i'm SO glad you didn't let me talk you out of getting him, lol... he's awesome. NICE ABS THERE BUDDY. rawrrrrrrrrr

he'd be awesome with iliana. she'd be like... a foot taller than him, his face would go RIGHT into her boobs. he'd LOVE IT. lolll

Yeah, I hate to enable (ha!), but I think you want one of these Jacs . . . she's VERY pretty, and is going to be nice and versatile. I'll change her into that funny lime-green babydoll top and a miniskirt next. (I missed out on that cheap CPU Syd on eBay last night because I dithered, BTW. Off to Dazzling I go.)

My money is definitely on Sejong in the Sooah Courtship Stakes, LOL! And it will be so nice when I get to where I can take the same quality pictures with the fancy new camera that I took with the little idiot's version, *sigh*.

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