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Getting acquainted with the camera, or, brace yourselves for a ton of random doll pictures
Sasha Blaze
Kanbei in a sweater I finished last week--yes, it's 100+ degrees here. To quote keiki_boys's Kane, it's lucky resin doesn't sweat.

The sweater still looks too red, and obviously I need to get the tripod out, but this little f/1.8 portrait lens is going to be magic--I can tell already, even in this rough early stage of adjustment to the new equipment. I'm glad I listened to K. at the office, who waxed so enthusiastic about the lens that I decided to buy one.

Dear Pen, looking very good if I do say so myself, even if I did focus on his hands instead of his face:

Sejong gets in touch with his kitsune heritage (ummmm, what's the Korean word for fox?):

Oh yeah, I like the way this lens can focus on a face and blur out everything else. Now, if I can just get the camera steady enough:

And introducing Peter, my recent Sasha acquisition:

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Yeah, I hate to enable (ha!), but I think you want one of these Jacs . . . she's VERY pretty, and is going to be nice and versatile. I'll change her into that funny lime-green babydoll top and a miniskirt next. (I missed out on that cheap CPU Syd on eBay last night because I dithered, BTW. Off to Dazzling I go.)

My money is definitely on Sejong in the Sooah Courtship Stakes, LOL! And it will be so nice when I get to where I can take the same quality pictures with the fancy new camera that I took with the little idiot's version, *sigh*.

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