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Getting acquainted with the camera, or, brace yourselves for a ton of random doll pictures
Sasha Blaze
Kanbei in a sweater I finished last week--yes, it's 100+ degrees here. To quote keiki_boys's Kane, it's lucky resin doesn't sweat.

The sweater still looks too red, and obviously I need to get the tripod out, but this little f/1.8 portrait lens is going to be magic--I can tell already, even in this rough early stage of adjustment to the new equipment. I'm glad I listened to K. at the office, who waxed so enthusiastic about the lens that I decided to buy one.

Dear Pen, looking very good if I do say so myself, even if I did focus on his hands instead of his face:

Sejong gets in touch with his kitsune heritage (ummmm, what's the Korean word for fox?):

Oh yeah, I like the way this lens can focus on a face and blur out everything else. Now, if I can just get the camera steady enough:

And introducing Peter, my recent Sasha acquisition:

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Okay that Gregor is a fine little boy. I must photograph mine, you made me decide.

I adore the sweater!

Sejong just rocks doesn't he. I'm still searching for new eyes for Dance. At the moment he's decided to be bald. So it's interesting. I do need to find him some shorts.

The world needs more Sasha photography! They make great subjects, because the asymmetrical legs let them fall into the nicest poses. I think I'd better send this guy off to be restrung, though, because his head/body stringing is WAY too tight, and I suspect his neck is starting to cave a little from the tension. *sigh* Doll upkeep, what a pain.

Undershorts, or wear-to-the-beach shorts? I have an extra pair of navy/white plaid boxers from mimiwoo that I never seem to use--erm, they might not be Dance's style, exactly, though . . .

I was thinking more walking shorts. You know able to be seen in public shorts. Though I can't even imagine what his style would require. *g*

Yes a couple of my Gregors would make a cute shoot. Or a really serious one.

They are SO serious, Sashas and Gregors. They have great dignity--like BJDs, in an odd way. I suppose that's why I'm so drawn to them, now that I think about it.

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