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Getting acquainted with the camera, or, brace yourselves for a ton of random doll pictures
Sasha Blaze
Kanbei in a sweater I finished last week--yes, it's 100+ degrees here. To quote keiki_boys's Kane, it's lucky resin doesn't sweat.

The sweater still looks too red, and obviously I need to get the tripod out, but this little f/1.8 portrait lens is going to be magic--I can tell already, even in this rough early stage of adjustment to the new equipment. I'm glad I listened to K. at the office, who waxed so enthusiastic about the lens that I decided to buy one.

Dear Pen, looking very good if I do say so myself, even if I did focus on his hands instead of his face:

Sejong gets in touch with his kitsune heritage (ummmm, what's the Korean word for fox?):

Oh yeah, I like the way this lens can focus on a face and blur out everything else. Now, if I can just get the camera steady enough:

And introducing Peter, my recent Sasha acquisition:

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I want to do something New Testamentary with the clay metaphor, but . . . I'm too lazy. :-)

Reynard is definitely a word for fox, though--in Chaucer as well as in the French fabliaux (not that they aren't related). I vote for a Sidhe-fox, because surely there were some, yes?

(Deleted comment)
I do like the foxy shading for Sejong right now, and YES, I love the idea that he could go to earth in an instant if he decided he was tired of playing with the humans. And the jeans are shredded because, well, claws will do that, hmmmm? (I'm reminded of Marguerite Henry's book about Cinnabar the One o'Clock Fox, though Cinnabar was much more innocuous than Sejong-Reynard appears to be.)

But the reddishness is also part of the whole new-camera thing--it's picking up any red tones and intensifying them, especially in less than pure bright light. And, you know, I bet that's partly a result of my living-room floor bouncing reddish-orange light onto the subject . . . I just thought of that this instant, oooo hey! The DSLR is bound to be much more sensitive to all light sources and colors than the point-&-shoot was, but it didn't occur to me that the floor (which is a very warm red oak and pretty shiny) might affect the overall color balance in the room.

Well, blow me down. I may learn something about photography in spite of myself. ;-)

Sejong is so gorgeous in that sweater (even if it's a bit oversized, it makes him look like a wee fey boy trying on human clothes) . . . and it's so funny that you're quoting "Reynardine," I was doing some of the same research when I was trying to come up with a name for my foxy boy . . . "Kumiho" is the Korean version of a kitsune, btw *grin*

*Kumiho bows in your direction, and winks at his foxy kin*

I love the photo of your Tonner (?) girl with just the face in focus and the rest a slight blur -- that's such a fantastic effect. I'm looking forward to seeing further experiments with this camera :D

BTW, if you ever get a knitting "pattern" for the sweaters down, I'd love to talk about it with you -- Kira's learned to knit recently, and she's really enjoying trying new things ^-^

-- Andi <3<3

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